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Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Recap And Review – Possible Emergence Of A New Villain

By Romesh Khatri
July 8,2022

Ms.Marvel’sl episode 4 ended with an unexpected twist. After a chase and fight with Clandestines, Kamala got transported right at the time of the India-Pakistan partition. This week’s episode is the penultimate. Therefore the makers have closed some stories and are gearing up toward the finale. 

What does the ending of the episode mean? How will it open up possibilities for the season finale? Or for season 2 of Ms. Marvel? There are still some questions unanswered here. Let’s check what can happen in the rest of the story.

Ms. Marvel episode 5 recap

Episode 5 starts at the time of the 1947 India-Pakistan partition story, where the previous episode ended. We see some historical moments and speeches, then go back to 1943, where Aisha, Kamala’s great-grandmother, meets Hasan, Kamala’s great-grandfather. Two of them have a meet-cute moment and start a family, with Aisha soon getting pregnant with a daughter, Sana.

India pakistan partition scene

India pakistan partition scene

Najma catches up with Aisha, finding her living with Hasan and raising Sana. Najma still contemplates returning to Noor Dimension, ignoring Aisha’s feelings for her family. Using the disturbing news of partition violence around them, Aisha convinces Hasan to leave their country and move to Pakistan to save their family from Clandestines.

While trying to board the last train to Pakistan, Aisha leaves Hasan and Sana when she finds Najma following them on the crowded platform. Sadly, Aisha gets stabbed in a scuffle with Najma, and Hasan loses Sana in the crowd.

With the last of her strength, Aisha summons Kamala to her time to help Sana return to her father. “What you seek is seeking you,” Aisha keeps repeating as inscribed on her magical bangle. It beautifully completes the circle for Kamala’s finding her origin. The main thing which she was searching for was her great-grandmother Aisha, who inversely needed Kamala.

Kamala then finds lost Sana and helps her return to Hasan by creating a trail of stars for Sana to follow. Thankfully, Sana finds her father, and they board the train without Aisha.

Kamala goes back to present the aftermath of her fight with the Clandestines. All of them see a portal opening. But the portal sucks the life from nearby humans, attacking the Clandestines. Kamala tries to close the portal, but she fails and asks for help from Najma. Feeling responsible for her actions against Kamala and Aisha, Najma sacrifices herself to close the portal. Najma also sends her energy to a distraught Kamran, who is still running away from DODC.

After the portal is closed and the Clandestines no longer a threat, Kamala is discovered by her mother, Mubeena, and grandmother, Sana. Kamala reveals her powers in front of them, with all three of them reconciling together. Kamala also bids farewell to Kareem.

Back in Jersey City, Kamran approached Bruno for a place to hide. But DODC catches up and blows up Bruno’s store.

Ms. Marvel episode 5 highlights

The Partition Story

Much of the episode is focused on the time of the India-Pakistan partition. The issue is a point of extreme controversy. The showrunners made this episode with sensible taste and shows actual historical moments and human tragedy. 

The story of Aisha and Hasan is also sweet and sad. Like Hasan, who is initially hesitant to move to Pakistan, Aisha has settled in this dimension with her family and refuses to return to her dimension.

Kamala’s journey to past

After the ending of episode 4, we were left finding answers to what was happening. There were predictions that Kamala was just reliving a memory, unable to interact with it. But many correctly predicted the time loop. Just like it was Harry who saved himself in Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban, it was Kamala who saved her grandmother.

Kamala’s search for the origin of her bangle made her come to the point where she will go back in time, capable of helping Sana see the trail of stars.

Portal to Noor Dimension

When the portal in the episode opens, it sucks life all around it. The Red Daggers and Waleed anticipated this. Kamala tries to close it but fails. Kamala then turns to Najma, making her understand what she has done. 

Najma, with a bond to the human world in Kamran, comes to her senses. But she still feels guilty for leaving Kamran behind in the DODC prison. Najma closes the portal herself, choosing to sacrifice herself instead of going back to Noor Dimension. She also sends a part of her energy to Kamran, helping him run away from DODC.

Thoughts and theories on the episode

Aisha’s role in MCU


When Najma meets Aisha and asks her to get back to Noor Dimension using the Bangle, Aisha does not want to go back. Najma and we assume this is because of Aisha’s feelings for her family. But does Aisha know more?

In Ms. Marvel episode 3, we see Aisha trying the bangle and getting a vision. But the vision is never shown to the audience. Did Aisha see what would happen if the bangle opened the veil between dimensions? Maybe that is why she hid from other Clandestines and formed Red Daggers to stop them.

Kamran is the new villain (Maybe?!)


While closing the portal, Najma sends her energy into Kamran. Who then sees his fist glowing.

In the comics, Kamran is the part love interest and part villain to Kamala’s Ms Marvel. He is also an Inhuman like Kamala and can change his body into light. Kamala even teams up with her idol, Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, to fight Kamran.

As episode 5 ends, we see Bruno helping Kamran hide in his shop. Kamran is shown still hopeful that Najma will save him. Then the shop gets blown up by DODC after a Stark Drone catches the duo.

We can predict that Kamran will serve as the main villain to Kamala now. He will be distraught over losing his mother and turn to the dark side after gaining new powers. Kamala will save Bruno from Kamran and DODC and will become a savior of Jersey city.

Let’s see if this turns true. Stay tuned for the season finale of Ms. Marvel on Disney+ on the 13th of July.

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