Ms. Marvel Powers Might Be Connected To Spider-Man: No Way Home
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Ms. Marvel Powers Might Be Connected To Spider-Man: No Way Home

By Mabel Judith Andrady
June 18,2022

Ms. Marvel on Disney+ features a reimagining of Kamala Khan’s powers from when Marvel Studios originally considered incorporating her into the MCU. However, one fresh idea links back to Kamala’s initial abilities and the universe as depicted in the modern MCU and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

As Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige phrased it, the character was “coming into a very specific time within the MCU continuity,” as Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige phrased it. This comment suggests that Kamala Khan is no longer an Inhuman in the MCU, but her prominence in the series is set to increase due to her work on The Marvels.

Adapting Secret Wars with Johnathon Majors’ Kang the Conqueror as the antagonist becomes increasingly probable with each new undertaking. So, would it shock you to find that Ms. Marvel’s initial comic book powers were inextricably linked to the universe and that she also had strange ties to Kang?

The Original Ms. Marvel Powers and How They Worked

On the surface, Ms. Marvel’s abilities resemble those of Mr. Fantastic from the comics, but she also has several traits with Ant-Man, which are rarely discussed. Kamala can change her size from a building-sized human to an ant-sized one and back again, thanks to her stretchy physique.

When Kamala Khan shrank, her extra weight seemed to vanish, leading some followers to worry about how she could pull this off. When she expanded to several times her normal size, she also magically absorbed more bulk.

Even some of the characters, such as Kamala’s companion Bruno, questioned it, and when her talents started going awry, Bruno immediately deciphered how Ms. Marvel’s vigilante powers operated. At some point, the adolescent realized that the Multiverse was the source of Ms. Marvel’s abilities.


To put it plainly, anytime Kamala Khan utilizes her abilities; she is hopping worlds on a molecular level since she can share her mass with other versions of herself throughout time and space. If we take Ms. Marvel as an example, anytime she expanded in size, she absorbed the extra mass of other Kamala Khans who were simultaneously contracting in size in other worlds.

It’s a hilarious and inventive way to explain her abilities, but it’s also why Kamala may be found in stories about the Multiverse. But what does this have to do with the show? Well, when Kamala wore that bracelet to AvengerCon, things got… weird.

Kamala’s Bangle: Where Does It Take Her?

The Muslim teen’s eyes blazed purple, and she seemed to be pulled back into another universe after putting on the bracelet. However, before anything occurs, the spectator is treated to a visually recognizable scene: purple tears open around her as she descends.

The Multiverse ripped open in the same fashion in No Way Home, allowing creatures access to Earth-616. There are only so many shades to select from, but this is still a fascinating coincidence.

In her sorrow, Kamala witnesses a strange sight: a crowd of people surrounding her with dazzling white eyes. Could they be alternate realities where Kamala exists? After all, this scene is quite similar to the one in No Way Home, in which viewers see white shadows of individuals inside the multiverse crying in the light.

When Ms. Marvel’s abilities initially spiral out of control in the comics, she is sent to another realm. The planet she has entered has a bluish hue rather than a purple one, but the landscape is otherwise identical, with rolling hills and a night sky full of stars. In addition, Kamala is seen falling into this reality, which is also how she obtains her vision in the episode “Generation Why.”

A Multiverse Comic Panel

Kamala’s confrontation with Kang the Conqueror in one comic tale demonstrates that her ties to the Multiverse extend well beyond the use of her powers.

Kang The Conqueror

In the comics beginning with “Avengers: Back to Basics,” Kamala Khan has a very strange connection to Kang the Conqueror. This occurs when Kamala Khan is thrown back in time to the time when the Avengers were initially formed. After establishing herself as a valuable part of the squad, she runs into her mother, only to have the latter tragically killed by a passing bus.

While mourning the loss of her mother, Kamala is suddenly approached by Kang, who claims to be the one who sent her back in time and caused her pain because he felt like it. Fortunately, Ms. Marvel from the far future intervenes to thwart Kang and bring her earlier self back to the present.

Fused Comic Panel of Ms. Marvel and Kang

Moon Knight and Spider-Man, Wolverine and Emma Frost, and even Ms. Marvel and Kang the Conqueror are joined into one being in the comic book crossover Infinity Wars. These two characters share yet another bizarre link in a very bizarre turn of events, and it is unclear whether or if Marvel Comics has any secret storylines in store for the pair.

In fact, fans of the adolescent hero may see this version of Kamala once more in the recently released comic series “Beyond the Limit.” Kamala’s abilities and her ties to the time-traveling warlord might be utilized in this new chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Secret Wars.

Ms. Marvel, as Feige pointed out, is joining the massive series just as it prepares to plunge headfirst into the Multiverse and Kang, to which Kamala has ties in the comics. To what extent will these two aspects of her character’s history inform her new abilities or future MCU appearances?

It would make more sense to hire theoretical physicist Clifford Johnson as a consultant for the series, as he often works with projects that include time travel or the multiverse. What if, instead of Kamala stealing or sharing mass with other versions of herself, it’s only the energy of her hard light structures that binds them together?

If Marvel Studios decides to create a Multiverse narrative starring Kang, this may offer Kamala a reason to play a larger role. Fighting a guy who is eager to use the Multiverse to conquer everything would benefit greatly from having any sort of link to it.

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