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Ms. Marvel Season 1 Finale End Credit Explained

By Romesh Khatri
July 15,2022

It’s almost needless to say now, but every Marvel movie or series post-credit scene has a massive impact on the larger MCU. The same is implied at the end of the Ms. Marvel series, which just concluded on Disney+

The series blended a story of an immigrant teenage girl from Jersey City who discovers her power and fights some low-stakes bad guys in her way.

Mutant Foreshadowing

In the end, the makers hinted that Kamala might be a mutant. In the comics, Kamala comes from an Inhuman lineage. Inhumans and Mutants (or X-Men) have special abilities which are more enhanced than a regular human being. Inhumans’ powers come from Kree experimentation on humans, and mutants get theirs from genetics.

kree in marvel

Since the MCU Inhuman show flopped and the producers do not show any rush to bring back Inhumans again. It makes sense to change Kamala’s powers to come from mutation. This revelation sets up the coming of X-men in future MCU properties after we saw Charles Xavier in Dr. Strange’s movie. The upcoming Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever is rumored to feature Namor as a villain, who is also a mutant in comics.

Captain Marvel is back

Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel

In the post-credit season, we see Kamala exhausted from a typical superhero day, resting when her bangle starts glowing. She then turns into Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers and looks around confused.

There can be two ways to interpret this scene-

  • Kamala shape-shifted into Captain Marvel

In the comics, Kamala can change her physical appearance and even the look of her clothes. Kamala first crashes into a closet with Captain Marvel’s poster during the scene. We can say that she took on the appearance because she went through it.

  • Kamala exchanged places with Captain Marvel

After the appearance change, Captain Marvel looks around the room in confusion. Guessing by her reaction, and we can see that she is looking at this room for the first time. Given Captain Marvel’s reaction, this option makes a little more sense.

If we are going by the second option, then it enhances the importance of Kamala’s bangles. It means that the bangles possess the power to switch places with anyone. As per comics, Kamala does not have this power.

At the end credit, the show tells us that Ms. Marvel will be back in The Marvels movie. Since we do not know the plot of that movie, we can theorize here about all the cosmic marvels coming together.

We can make some speculation with the information given in the first episode. Then, we learn that Captain Marvel is not on Earth and hasn’t been sighted for a long time. With Kamala’s powers, Captain Marvel will try to return to her place. But it took six episodes for Kamala to reach her super-size powers. We can expect a lot of time the makers will take to let her understand how to use this new power.

Kamala’s Trip To Another Dimension

Kamala enters into a dreamy purple phase hwere her powers glow like just like Monica Rambeau's phase in Wandavision

Kamala enters into a dreamy purple phase where her powers glow like just like Monica Rambeau’s phase in Wandavision

One theory is that Kamala will try to reach the alien world she saw in the first episode. The switch was just a brief introduction for her to her new powers. Powers she will try to teleport to the universe, realm, or dimension.

Marvel’s Judgement Day

A new Marvel Comic run, The Judgement Day, has just finished. Here, we see a three-way fight between Inhumans, X-Men, and Eternals. With all the groups getting introduced in the MCU right now. It could mean that Marvel Phase 5 is also getting set up.



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