Ms. Marvel Trailer Breakdown: The Future Of The MCU Is Bright

This summer, the first trailer for Ms. Marvel shows the premiere date for the much-anticipated new show. Kamala Khan, a popular Marvel Comics character who became a real-life superhero in 2014, will make her live-action debut in June. This will be the first time the character has been seen in real life. Iman Vellani, who is making the hero come to life, will also be in The Marvels with Brie Larson next year. The first Ms. Marvel teaser trailer brings a new hero who’ll break bounds in the MCU.

The new trailer premiered this week; you can watch it here:

The Ms. Marvel Trailer Breakdown

Kamala’s mindset is set in the very first shot of the trailer. The trailer starts with a young Kamala day dreaming like any of us in our days. We see her daydreaming in class and sketching interesting things instead of paying attention.

Kamala daydreams as we see the Marvel Studios Intro take the form of a comic bubble.

Among other things, she has a picture of an ant, but next to him, there’s a drawing of Ant-Man. When Tony Stark first hired Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, Scott Lanf was just a man trying to make up for his daughter.

The diary shows drawings of Ant-Man.

Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, and her daydream state are shown before we even see the Marvel title card. The first part of the trailer is done in a very comic book-like style, with word bubbles and the like, to show that our young protagonist is very into superheroes and the idea of becoming one herself. She can’t focus on anything else, and the way the show’s creators are showing that is a little out of the box.

The Marvel Studios logo in a comic fashion.

It looks like someone at Kamala’s school is trying to understand her and her problems. It could be an advisor or even an assistant principal or someone of that kind. This is probably a counselor advising her and Kamala is refraining from being participative.

The Counselor Advises Kamala Khan

This also gives us a better idea of how the show will look before she gets her powers. As for when this word bubble gag will be used, it’s not clear how often or how often it will happen. It’s either that, or it’s pretty unique and fits the character’s comic book-like nature well.

The Counselor advising Kamala

There are then some more Easter eggs that connect the show to other parts of the MCU as well as showing how much Kamala loves superheroes. We see her wearing a shirt with Wasp, Captain Marvel, and Valkyrie on it, and it looks like it has a little educational message. All three of the heroes are wearing glasses.

Kamala sports a shirt with the The Wasp, Captain Marvel and Valkyrie.

This is the first time we see Laurel Marsden, who plays Zoe Zimmer in the comics, being shown in real life. In fact, she goes to the same high school as Kamala, Coles Academic High School. She is the smart, popular girl who hangs out with a very different group of people than Kamala. Because of the devil horns, Spider-Man comparisons aren’t going to stop now, but Kamala and Zoe’s relationship might be like Flash Thompson and Peter Parker.

Zoe Zimmer in the new Ms. Marvel Trailer

The next frames are interesting because we can see the suit Kamala will wear in the trailer after she learns how to use her powers. We know this is just her non-formal suit, but it looks like a local store might have it on display. It’s a store that seems to be a common sight in our neighborhood.

Bruno in the new Ms. Marvel Trailer

A very important character from the comics is shown on the other side of this same picture, played by Matt Lintz. Bruno Carrelli is shown here. He is basically Kamala’s friend and the guy in the chair. Just like how Ned was for Peter in the Spiderman trilogy. The trailer also highlights another character. In the comics, Kamran was a close friend of the Khan family. Kamala and a lot of other girls seem to be in love with Rish Shah, who plays Kamran.

Kamran in the new Ms. Marvel trailer
Kamala is shown to be in awe of Kamran
The other girls, too, have a similar crush on Kamran.

It is important in the comics that he eventually gets in contact with the Terrigen Mist and turns into an Inhuman, though. Is the MCU going to do that? There is no sign of that yet, but this is the MCU. This part of the movie shows Kamala completely obsessed with becoming a superhero like Captain Marvel. She jumps out of a window heroically and lands in the perfect superhero pose when she lands. As a reward for her hard work, she imagines a big party with fireworks and flowers, as well as a cake.

Kamala is a huge Captain Marvel fan and imagines herself being one.
Kamala may be imagining herself to be in a Captain Marvel suit.

When she lands, she also looks like Carol Danvers in the comics, which is a nice touch and a little nod to the source material.

Now, we see Kamala and Bruno relaxing on a rooftop and thinking about life. This is how the story ends. She may be reconsidering at this point, the voiceover says. She wonders if everyone else is right and that she spends a lot of time daydreaming after all.

Kamala and Bruno

The Kamala Khan version of Ms. Marvel is important because she was the first Muslim character to be the main character of a mainstream comic book. This shot and the little sequence that follows make it clear that the show is not going to avoid that part of Kamala’s life, which is very important and marks a big change in superhero movies. This is a very important scene as it shows the religious tolerance of Kamala. Her religious attributes may make it big time for the shows development.

Kamala prays in a mosque is a scene from Ms. Marvel.
People are  praying in a shot from the Ms. Marvel trailer.

It looks like Kamala Khan is really into Captain Marvel, so we see her looking at this cool tribute. People have erected a statue of tribute in her honor, just like the one that was made for Captain America and Bucky. May be it could be the same museum. It’s very bright and there are a lot of things. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, the world seems to like the hero.

A Captain Marvel statuette as seen from the Ms. Marvel trailer.
Kamala looks to take inspiration from Captain Marvel for her role.

Kamala looks at herself in the mirror in her superhero outfit, which looks like it was bought at a store. This looks like a Captain Marvel-themed jacket that she bought to live out her dreams, but this is the first time we’ve seen her look ready to fight. The next shot in the trailer, brings the mother of Kamala’s friend, Muneeba Khan, Zenobia Shroff’s character in this case. Some of the things that her daughter is doing don’t seem to bother her at all, but there is still a lot of love and care at the heart of it all.

Muneeba Khan in the new Ms. Marvel trailer.

This picture is important because it shows us how far Kamala’s love goes. The helmet on her bike is even based on Captain Marvel. She holds it in her hands as she looks over the city with a melancholy vibe. As you can see from the picture, she wants to be a superhero very much!

Kamala bikes around her city and dreams to fly high

It looks like Kamala is digging around in a secret little hideaway, which looks like an attic. Now we’re getting to the meat of these bones. A trunk full of superhero things is in the attic of Kamala Khan.

Kamala experiences supernaturalities in the trailer and discovers a bracelet object.

Batman has the Batcave, and Kamala Khan has an attic. Different ways. That’s not to say that this isn’t a big deal, though. We’re now in real-life superhero territory. Another important thing, she says, is that it’s not really the brown girls from Jersey City who save the world. In the comics, Kamala has stretchy powers. It looks like she finds a cosmic bracelet of some kind that gives her powers that are very different. You can tell that this is very different from the source material. It’s going to be a big topic of conversation for people who love writer G. Willow Wilson’s take on the character that made her what she is playing now.


Kamala activates the bracelet and shows a speck of light.

However, this isn’t the first time Marvel has done this with a well-known character. Scarlet Witch had very different powers on screen when she was first shown in Age of Ultron than in the comics. So, this might have to be a wait and see thing, but it’s still a good thing to talk about.

Kamala’s eyes glow as she activates the bracelet

From now on, things are going to be a lot more awesome and a lot less dreamy. In this picture, Kamala moves from what looks like an everyday situation to one that is more fantastical or cosmic. This makes for a pretty cool picture. Her look of surprise and surprise is also worth noting. Kamala may not be ready for what superheroes do, even though she has dreamt about this for a long time.

Kamala enters into a dreamy purple phase where her powers glow just like Monica Rambeau’s phase in Wandavision.

This might be the first sign that something bad is going to happen in the trailer. We see ominous smoke coming out of a doorway, and Kamala looks on in horror.

An ominous smoke occupies every few shots of the new trailer for Ms. Marvel.

There aren’t many specifics in this trailer about the threat Kamala will face in her first superhero adventure. This is the first sign that something bad is going to happen soon, though. This time, we meet Aamir, played by Saagar Shaikh, who is Kamala’s big brother.

Aamir Khan in the new trailer for Ms. Marvel

When he asks if his sister has been hurt, she gets very defensive right away. The first time she tries to hide her new powers, she might not be very good at it. Dad, Yusuf Khan, played by Mohan Kapur, may not have much to deal with in the new trailer but he may have something big to play in the show.

Kamala shuts her dad off with her powers from her bracelet in the trailer.

Then, he can hear something in his daughter’s room. She is doing her best to hide this superpower from him.  Before, we went to that friendly neighborhood corner store. So it looks like in the MCU, nothing is safe. The Circle Q is blown apart here. It isn’t clear who or what caused the explosion, or if anyone was inside. This is likely to be very close to Kamala’s home. The shot reminds us of a scene from Spiderman: Homecoming where Delmar’s store is destroyed. Maybe a parallel to superhero origin stories in the case?

A CircleQ store explodes in a shot from the trailer.

She and Bruno are talking about how she can now do things that she used to be able to do. Instead of being all stretchy and elastic like she is in the comics, she has cosmic powers of some kind. Her hands glow and she can make cosmic projections. It’s not as well-defined and broad as it looks in this picture.

Bruno knows that Kamala has powers now
Kamala uses her powers to walk through the air

She even says that hitting the nail on the head makes her feel like she’s in another world. Again, people are going to have different opinions about this, but the team thought that adapting the character to screen would need some changes to make it work better. It’s also worth noting that there is going to be a new Fantastic Four. Reed Richards, another stretchy superhero, is going to join the MCU.

We can see a slight stretch in body proportions for Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel.

Another heroic shot comes next, in which Kamala is glowing with all of her new cosmic energy as she leaps from building to building in true superhero fashion. Now, this is what her dreams were made of. So far, there aren’t a lot of details about the villains in Ms. Marvel. But the villains look a little scary and well-dressed in this sequence, which suggests that they’re out to get them.

The villains shown may be the ClanDestine or a group of Government officials.

It’s all about how the trailer shows the bad guys, but it’s hard to say what that means. Rumors have said that a new group called NICE will be the show’s villains. This is important to note. This isn’t based on anything in the comics, so anything more than the rumor would be inaccurate at this point.

A group of 4 emerges from the ominous smoke.

In this scene, we see someone running quickly through a field. Then, we see a group of people walking somewhere far away from Jersey City, where the rest of the movie is taking place. Is this a time machine? Who are these people? Why are we moving away from the city? Only questions remain for us. It’s interesting that they put this in the trailer, though.

People are walking away from a fire in the area.

A big, powerful fist is one of the things that people know about Ms. Marvel from the comics. Here, we’re getting a little bit of a nod to that, but with a space makeover. Stretchy hands aren’t what this is. It’s more like a hand made out of cosmic energy that can move. This movie, even though it’s been changed, still seems to be based on the source material.

Kamala fights a masked character in a shot from Ms. Marvel.
A huge purple fist emerges from Kamala in the Ms. Marvel trailer

A simple eye mask is Kamala’s signature headgear from the comics. This is one of the most exciting parts of the trailer, because we see her pick it up. So we’re going to get a more comic-like costume as she moves from her immediate origin story to fully embracing her new powers, that’s for sure.

Kamala holds her signature eye gear

The well-armed men with guns covered in smoke don’t look like they’re friends with any superheroes in the area, so we can probably say they’re bad guys, and maybe even linked to NICE. In this picture, you can see that they are in a hallway with lockers, which means they may be at Kamala’s school.

Soldiers bust into Kamala’s school in the Ms. Marvel trailer.
Bruno saves Kamran in an apparent train fight.

It’s right at the end of the trailer, when Kamala has her big hero moment. It looks like she is using a cosmic shield as part of her new power set to hold back a barrage of bullets and save an innocent person. We finally get a look at the full-blown Ms. Marvel that fans have been waiting a long time for, and this is her big chance to shine and look like a real hero.

Ms. Marvel is seen battling out with her powers against bullets in the trailer.
A far wide shot of Ms. Marvel using her power to form a shield.
A close-up shot of Ms. Marvel defending herself with a shield.

In the end, Kamala says that she is a superhero and that her dreams have come true, making her very happy. There’s a good chance she’s telling Bruno this before we see her as a hero.

A proud Kamala says she’s a superhero

The title card for Ms. Marvel then pops with a signature Captain Marvel color and edge to it. It’s after the logo, we see the iconic shot of Ms. Marvel sitting on top of a street lamp watching over her city.

Ms. Marvel sits over a street lamp in a shot from the trailer.

Is she happy or sad with these new found powers of hers?

Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel comes to Disney+ on June 8 2022.