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Ms. Marvel’s Bangle And Its Connection To MCU Phase 4

By Romesh Khatri
July 22,2022

In the Ms. marvel post-credit scene, a significant development can impact phase 4 and MCU. We see in the scene that Kamala goes into her room, and her bangle starts glowing. Then she gets thrown in her closet, and Carol Danvers comes out.

As per comics, Kamala can shapeshift, and she first took the form of her superhero idol, Captain Marvel, or Carol Danvers herself. The post-credit scene probably started with the same thought. 

But if you think about it, if and when a person shapeshifts, they will go and check in the mirror to see themselves. The way Danvers looks around the room in confusion and surprise clearly shows somehow, she and Kamala have switched places via teleportation.

Even though the bangle was the most important part of the show, we do not see its origins. There can be a simple explanation for this. For that, we need to deep dive into comics to come up with a strong conclusion.

The infinity stones played a great role in MCU phases 1, 2, and 3. But Marvel didn’t reveal them at once or explain them completely at the start. These stones came slowly within the story, with only the Tesseract (Space Stone) introduced in phase 1.

Marvel is, maybe, teasing an important artifact of the new saga slowly. 

Quantum Bands

These were developed by a scientist named Wendell Vaughn. They harness its energy from the Quantum realm and give their wearer the ability of super speed and strength.

They also give the power to let the wearer create its constructs like what Kamala did with hard light platforms and shields in the TV show.

Kamala uses her powers to walk through the air

Kamala uses her powers to walk through the air

But the bands do not have the power to change shapes, like how Kamala stretched her shape to increase her size or teleport/switch with Danvers.

For that, we need to look at another marvel artifact.


Negabands have their origin based on the quantum bands. When Marvel introduced the quantum bands in the comics, they were stolen by Kree. The Kree experimented and changed it into Negaband. These bands draw their power from the Negative realm. They also give its wearer the power of super speed and strength, size change, and teleportation. But they lack the power of construct creation.

So, now addressing the MCU version. We can likely say that these are not two different bands. They were created as a combined version with individual special pieces for each hand.

The individual power of each band can differ, and the one who will wear both will become too powerful of the band’s synergistic effects.

There is a feeling that we have seen the other band before.

Shang-chi connection

There is a definite connection between Ms. Marvel and Shang-Chi. As per Ms. Marvel episode 3, we see Kamala’s great grandmother Aisha extracting the band from a temple marked with the Shang-Chi ten rings symbol. 


So, there could assume that Shang-chi’s ten rings will be combined to become the second band. Also, Danvers was present in the post-credit scene of Shang-chi. So she could be searching for similar technology out in the universe.

Eternal connection

In the Shang-Chi chis post-credit scene, we find the rings were not alien technology. We can make one clear assumption is that the rings made by Fastos the Eternal. In the Eternal movie, we see Fastos making similar weapons for his team. So, he could have made the same bands himself in the MCU.




If the above conclusion is proven right, one directly connects Eternals, Shang-Chi, ms marvel, and the upcoming Marvels movie. It could lead to a brand new saga for MCU, which looks exciting.


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