Ms. Marvel's Bangle Vision About Partition And Connection With Aisha Explained
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Ms. Marvel’s Bangle Vision About Partition And Connection With Aisha Explained

By Ganesh K
July 5,2022

The next episode of Ms. Marvel is going to be an interesting one as Kamala is in the partition time.

However, they hinted more about Kamala’s Great Grandmother and the mystery of her bangle in every episode.

While Kamala has one bangle, there is another bangle somewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While we can know about the other bangle in the upcoming episodes and they also hinted at the description of the bangle.

“What you seek is seeking you”

This can be a possibility of Kamala’s Great Grandmother Aisha trapped inside the bangle or in a dimension or realm.

Ms. Marvel Bangle’s Vision

The co-creator and executive producer of Ms. Marvel Sana Amanat addressed the next episode as “Most nervous” in the Entertainment Weekly interview.

“The next episode is going to be an interesting one. Full disclosure, it’s the episode I’m most nervous about. I think it’s really great, but we took some risks with that episode. So, I’m curious to know how people are going to respond to it”.

Ms. Marvel Disney+ Episode Runtimes Revealed

Ms. Marvel Disney+

At the end of Ms. Marvel episode 4, Kamala ended up in the partition time where her Great Grandmother Aisha disappeared.

As the Clandestines Najma mentioned earlier in the series that they cannot use the bangle to unlock noor energy.

Then Aisha also cannot use the noor energy to create a star and safely send Sana back into the train.

Ms Marvel

Iman Vallani as Ms Marvel

This is where Ms. Marvel steps in to save Sana and get back on the train with her Father as she is in the past.

And this time travel will not create incursion in the MCU as it is part of the closed-loop time travel theory.

Aisha’s Connection

When Aisha first got the bangle from the severed blue hand in the temple, it did not have any kind of description.

But after Kamala gets the bangle from her Grandmother it had the description placed on it.


Although we don’t know much about Aisha, they gave us many hints which connect the bangle to Aisha.

The Bangle’s visions that Kamala gets to see can be a message from her Great Grandmother Aisha trapped inside the bangle.

With the visions Kamala’s Great Grandmother Aisha may be trying to communicate and warn about the Clandestines.

And about the Veil of Noor barrier which prevents the Noor dimension or realm from taking over the MCU earth.


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