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Ms. Marvel’s CGI: Fans Give The Disney+ Show Mixed Reviews

By Mabel Judith Andrady
June 10,2022

Why are fans upset about Ms. Marvel’s CGI? Many Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been outraged by Kamala Khan’s newfound cosmic rather than physical abilities since the first trailer debuted in March. Ms. Marvel will now be linked to other cosmic storylines, as explained by the series’ creative team, but this still hasn’t allayed fears about what Marvel Studios has in store.

CGI has once again come to the forefront as Marvel Studios moves into Phase 4 of the MCU. Since its debut, fans of Ms. Marvel have expressed their displeasure with the show’s reliance on CGI.

Axes fall on the VFX in Ms. Marvel

@pastormontmc slammed the CGI powers as being “meh,” but praised the show:

Meanwhile, @oneofthecringe thought the CGI was well done:

At the same time, @bottomhux was also quite pleased with the CGI:

Meanwhile, @DaRogueKing calls the CGI “ugly as shown by She-Hulk” and that “they could’ve gotten away with the CGI but instead changed her powers”:

Ms. Marvel Makes Nearly All of Her Shots

Some of Marvel Studios’ recent CGI work, such as that for Spider-Man: No Way Home and the footage for She-first Hulk’s trailer, has sparked controversy. In the case of Kamala Khan, the reactions range from mild frustration to outright rage as she experiments with her superpowers for the first time.

Despite the negative reviews from some quarters of the fandom, Ms. Marvel has received a lot of positive feedback. In her first real acting appearance, Iman Vellani’s portrayal of the lead character quickly won over fans after the Marvel crew and cast members teased how good she was.

With only five episodes left, viewers will be watching with bated breath to see how Marvel Studios handles the CGI in this newest installment. Hopefully, this won’t detract from the new revolutionary story that is being told.


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