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Ms. Marvel’s Episode 2 Ending Explained And Possible Future Plot

By Romesh Khatri
June 16,2022

Ms. Marvel’s episode 2 went with some usual storylines but also had some twists. Let’s see a quick recap.

Following episode 1, we see Kamala Khan embracing a new attitude while entering school (the polar opposite of episode 1 scenes). At school, Zoe, saved by Kamala in episode 1, has gained popularity due to the events. She names the hero Night Light, a nod to Spiderman being called Night Monkey in Spiderman: Far From Home. Kamala and her friends go to a party at Zoe, where they meet Kamran, Kamala’s latest crush. Due to trouble at the party, the gang has to bail. They ride in Kamran’s car, where Kamala and Kamran get closer to each other (There is mention of Kingo from Eternals) and decide to go on a date (Bruno doesn’t like it). Then there is a montage of Kamala getting to know her powers and manifesting small platforms using hard light.

Kamala is then having lunch with her family. It’s hinted that her great-grandmother had superpowers. No one in the family talks about the great-grandmother, and she was left behind during the family’s escape from the India-Pakistan Partition violence. Kamala also sees a shadowy figure, causing her to faint on spot.

Then the scene shifts to Eid festival celebrations, where a kid falls from a high window while taking a selfie. Kamala saves him rather hilariously. Then the Department of Damage Control (DODC) appears, trying to apprehend Kamala using Stark Drones. Kamala then gets saved by Kamran, who is with her mother, and she tells Kamala ominously that she has been waiting to meet her.

The Great-grandmother Mystery

During the family dinner, Kamala gets to know about her great-grandmother. She tries to get more information from her mother and ladies from the Eid festival. But no one could give her a clear answer.


Ms.Marvel Family

The theory of the previous episode, where most people guessed that it was her grandmother who was Kree/Inhuman, now gets shifted to her great-grandmother. She left her family during the times of Partition. There is mention of the story of her baby grandmother getting left behind, who followed the stars to get back to her father. The baby grandmother might follow her mother, but the grandmother has to leave, so she manifests lights for the baby to return (expect a tear-jerking moment showing this flashback).

Great-grandma Is In The Negative Zone.

When Kamala first tries the bracelet, momentarily, she passes through a strange place. The area is filled with multiple beings with bright eyes. This place is likely The Negative Zone, a parallel universe made of anti-matter.

Kamala enters into a dreamy purple phase hwere her powers glow like just like Monica Rambeau's phase in Wandavision

Kamala enters into a dreamy purple phase where her powers glow like just like Monica Rambeau’s phase in Wandavision

As Kamala’s great-grandmother originally held the bracelet, her going through the zone hints that her great-grandmother is trapped there. 

This information could be revealed by the villain of the series (more on that later). And it could be Kamala’s mission for season 2.

Is Kamran’s Mother Season 1 Main Villain?

Kamala sees a strange women figure throughout the episode. Once, during family lunch which results in her fainting. The second time is during her heroic moment, trying to save the falling kid. It results in her losing focus and the kid’s death, but she gets saved again due to her last-moment thinking.


While running from DODC, Kamala gets picked up by Kamran, who introduces her mother. Now there is a cliffhanger. Who is she? And why is she after Kamala?

Kamran got introduced after episode 1, meaning he and his mother (like DODC) got on Kamala’s back after her video from AvengersCon. He tries to woo her and gets close. During their date when he touches Kamala’s hand (actually very close to her bracelet). It could be because he is confirming the bracelet to be authentic.

As per comics, the bracelet looks closest to Neobands, a Kree tool to manifest whatever the wearer wants. And there is a pair, while Kamala only has one. It could mean Kamran’s mother must have the other piece with her and has been searching for Kamala’s piece. The elderly ladies must have been fighting over the bracelets for a long time. Kamala’s great-grandmother must have given her piece to her daughter and left her family to save them from Kamran’s mother. 

Check episode 3 for more details, which will drop on Disney+ on 22nd June. Meanwhile, enjoy the fabulous soundtrack of the series, including ‘Sage’ by Ritwiz.


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