Ms. Marvel’s Official Art depicts Deleted X-Men Cyclops Easter Egg

A lot of the MCU Easter eggs in Ms. Marvel’s premiere episode were brought on by the advent of AvengerCon. In-universe gathering of ardent Avengers fans from throughout the world, the fan convention. One of the most thrilling scenes in the Disney+ series is undoubtedly the AvengerCon sequence, which features Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan in the lead role.

Disney also launched an official site for the convention, offering viewers a better peek at the significant MCU event, in response to the enthusiastic response from fandom to the AvengerCon sequence. 

In addition, Bisha K. Ali, the executive producer of Ms. Marvel, confirmed that Korg and a “winged horse” similar to the Pegasus that Valkyrie rides in Avengers: Endgame were among the AvengerCon cameos that were removed. It now appears that an important X-Men allusion nearly made it into AvengerCon.

Cyclops from the X-Men almost appeared in Ms. Marvel

Cyclops leading the Astonishing X-Men

Shae Shaz, a concept artist for Ms. Marvel, recently revealed some brand-new promotional artwork from the production of the Disney+ series that contained an unexpected Easter egg involving the X-Men.

Scenes from the first episode’s AvengerCon sequence were depicted in official concept art, with an X-Men performer playing Cyclops in the backdrops:

Fasten your seat belt to take a clear look at Cyclops cosplayer! The cosplayer’s outfit appears to be a replica of Cyclops’ outfit from Uncanny X-Men #500:

Cyclops xmen 500

Another shot revealed that a Stormtrooper nearly appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series.

In the fresh concept art, Ant-Man and The Hulk were also seen commanding attention.

Paul Rudd’s Giant-Man from an AvengerCon exhibit was also shown from another angle:


When Will the X-Men Be Fully Unveiled in the MCU?

Any MCU fan would have been shocked to learn that AvengerCon contained a Cyclops Easter egg, but it would have also caused many issues with the continuity of the series. The X-Men Easter egg may have been added by concept artist Shae Shaz as a playful tribute to the mutants just before the studio forbid him from displaying such a reference. 

The Stormtrooper’s demeanor in the picture is the same. The discovery of a Cyclops Easter egg at AvengerCon would have stunned any MCU fan, but it would have also created numerous problems for the series’ continuity. Concept artist Shae Shaz may have included the X-Men Easter egg as a lighthearted ode to the mutants soon before the studio prevented him from making such a reference. The Stormtrooper in the image is acting exactly the same way.