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Multiverse Of Madness Trailer Reveals Interesting Detail In Doctor Strange’s Cloak

By Soniya Hinduja
January 11,2022

Marvel Studios’ upcoming outing is Benedict Cumberbatch’s second solo film with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The film, as its name suggests, is set to explore all the concepts lying in the midst of the existence of alternate realities. Sam Raimi is manning the director’s chair for the sequel. Raimi also directed the Spider-Man trilogy, and is apparently a Marvel mainstay. Accompanying Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange are the franchise’s popular characters. These include Benedict Wong as Wong and Rachel McAdams as Christine Palmer. The movie will also introduce Xochitl Gomez as newcomer America Chavez and bring back Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff. 

Marvel Studios first started the promotions for Multiverse of Madness when it released the first teaser trailer for the film in December 2021. The official teaser revealed some intricate plot details, and shared anticipated first looks of a bunch of characters. Additionally, it also teased the live-action version of Strange Supreme, He was initially spotted in the Disney+ animated series What If… ?

The Different Variants Of Doctor Strange

Soon after the marketing campaign released the trailer, a whole new set of concept art for Doctor Strange 2 made it to light in order to hype up the excitement among fans. These images focus on brand new reveals to Strange’s subtly altered costume. As well as some fine highlights of the Scarlet Witch. Clearly, fans can now picture the film’s characters with a unique demeanor. 

Furthermore, the movie’s footage has distinctly confirmed the presence of more than one version of sorcerer Strange. Other than Strange Supreme, the trailer also reveals a different Variant of Strange. Who is none other than, Defender Strange, a sorcerer from a different universe. 

Doctor Strange 2

Benedict Cumberbatch as evil Doctor Strange Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

And now, there are new grounds that point towards an appearance from another potential Variant of Stephan Strange in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

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Doctor Strange Sequel Switches Up The Sorcerer’s Wardrobe 

The first trailer of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness allows fans to take a glimpse at an interesting change in Benedict Cumberbatch’s titular sorcerer’s wardrobe. 

Particularly at the 1:18 mark in the teaser, there is a clip of Doctor Strange along with Rachel McAdams’ Christine Palmer and Xochitl Gomez’s America Chavez. The three are opening what appears to be an ominous door that leads into an endless void. 

Doctor Strange

The blue patch on Doctor Strange’s cloak

Paying more attention to the shot, it is clear to see that this particular Strange has a blue patch in the middle of his Cloak of Levitation. 

Doctor Strange

A closer look at the blue patch

In the scene that follows, the trio steps into the mysterious door. And it seemingly reveals a floating platform that has a striking similarity to the Nexus of All Realities seen in the pages of the original Marvel Comics. 

Doctor Strange

Nexus of All Realities in Doctor Strange 2 trailer

However, it is obvious that Strange is determined to stand against whatever danger the Nexus has in store for them. And fans can see this in the official still from the trailer:

Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange
Marvel Studios

Is This A Doctor Strange Variant Or Simply CGI Effect?

Variant Strange

Variant of Doctor Strange

In the long history of Marvel films, there have been several instances where the trailers for upcoming MCU projects reveal some underlying Easter Eggs. These details rarely go unnoticed by keen fans. And the recent disclosure is the perfect example. While we still have no clue as to what the blue patch signifies, the reveal is sure to get Marvel fans to base their speculations on. 

There are chances that the blue patch is a means to identify and direct every Doctor Strange Variant that’s involved in the film’s mysterious storyline. Although, only time will tell just how many Variants of Doctor Strange will make their way into the current timeline from the Multiverse. Yet, it would make sense if MCU’s Strange used the blue patch in order to separate them all and figure out who is who. 

Another possibility suggests that the blue patch is used as a guide for CGI effects for post-production. However, the fact that the trailer revealed the blue patch means a sounding spoiler alert. Meaning, it might have something to do with the Cloak of Levitation. It is possible that the mystical ornament was torn in a prior encounter. This is why there is a blue patch for CG work. 

Moreover, the scene clearly reveals that the trio is entering what potentially looks like the Nexus of All Realities. So does the scene itself hold the answer to the conundrum? It is possible that the blue patch will serve as a protective garment. And will help the trio fight against unknown threats in this plane of existence.

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Is Marvel Hinting At Rintrah’s Magical Future? 

Doctor Strange

Rintrah in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Early official merchandise for Multiverse of Madness confirmed that the film will feature the MCU’s first Minotaur, Rintrah. Rintrah is an intelligent being with magical powers from the planet R’Vaal. 

Rintrah is ultimately linked to Doctor Strange through the Cloak of Levitation. The mystical Minotaur was apparently responsible for mending the Cloak after it was damaged in battle. According to the Marvel Comics, Strange gave Rintrah a blue version of the magical garment as a token of gratitude later on.  

Moreover, the concept art from the flagship movie that was 2016’s Doctor Strange confirmed that the sorcerer’s Cloak of Levitation was originally blue in color. And not the red one we’ve seen him wear ever since. So let’s assume that the sequel decides to acknowledge the comic’s storyline involving Rintrah and Strange. Then the blue patch would perfectly hold more significance. As it would inspire Strange to present it to Rintrah. 

With that said, there are numerous speculations around the detail. But it will be interesting to see what role does the blue patch exactly play in the sequel’s vast and still undisclosed plot. 

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to premiere in theaters on May 6, 2022. 

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