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Netflix Reportedly Wants As Many Spinoffs And Seasons As Possible For The Witcher Franchise

Netflix has been on a bloody rampage of cancellation. The popular streaming site has been cancelling shows left and right. It has cancelled a tonne of its original shows either due to low ratings or due to increased production resources as a result of the COVID-19 safety and health protocols. For example, fans of Teenage Bounty Hunters will definitely have felt the sting of cancellation.

However, there is one show that Netflix can’t get enough of- and that’s the Henry Cavill starrer- The Witcher. In fact, rumours are swirling that the streaming site wants as many spin-offs and seasons as possible of this monster hunter show.

Why Is Netflix Interested In Only The Witcher?

Fans who keep track of Netflix show’s viewing figures must have noticed that shows like Bridgerton and Queen’s Gambit have performed better than The Witcher in multiple categories. Not to mention that other shows like Money Heist and Tiger King have done wonders for Netflix as well.

But it can’t be denied that The Witcher has a unique appeal to it. After all; the combination of Henry Cavill, an already present video game fan base, and a high-budget has helped make it a great show. It should be noted that The Witcher video games, based on books by Andrzej Sapkowski have collectively sold 50million+ copies. In fact, after the show debuted, the books saw a large sales growth as well.

So, even though there are other shows that have beaten The Witcher’s season one record in terms of viewership numbers, Geralt will surely be looking to come back swinging in the second season. Also, all of the other shows that have performed well have been gifted with more seasons or more projects for the creators and actors.

More Seasons And Spin-offs To Come?

Sources are abuzz with the news that Netflix wants to keep on producing Witcher and its related shows as much as possible. These are the same sources that said The Witcher was on track to get a prequel, way before the prequel show, now named Blood Origin got announced. It is said that Netflix was really impressed with the huge viewing numbers as well as the fact that the show became a huge pop-culture phenomenon.

When the show debuted, 78 million subscribers watched it within four weeks itself. Going by just these numbers it makes sense why Netflix wants to invest more in it. After all, this sprawling monster fantasy mythology will keep on drawing stable numbers for Netflix and ensure that viewers keep on tuning in.

Source: Wegotthiscovered

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