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New 4Chan Leaks Suggest Rumors Future MCU Projects May Be True

By Abraham George
April 7,2022

Marvel’s projects are usually the hotly anticipated projects than any other project that is produced in the world. Sadly, this has caused much flak too. In brighter terms for the MCU, its consumers being long-standing fans for the movies and series, are concerned for where the story traverses further post Endgame. It was such interest that sparked the rise of leakers and enthusiasts who helped fuel up rumors that were make-believe or could say close to what one could imagine a plot could be.

A Reddit account (u/Man_Random87) shared a very eerie yet exciting post about where the MCU may lead to with its upcoming shows and movies. The account stated the legitimacy of a 4Chan leaker who has been providing leaks that have been constantly true.

Here’s some of the leaks shared by the 4Chan leaker:


She-Hulk’s World War Hulk Setup Involves


-Titania is the main villain, with characters like the wrecking crew making an appearance. The actors performing as the wrecking crew would have their costumes digitally inserted because they did not want their presence on the show to be leaked.

Banner and Blonsky have resolved their differences since 2008 and are mutually agreeable.

-Banner makes a joke about whether Steve Rogers was still firing during the time he was with the Avengers.

-The same VFX they used to bring Little Steve to life will be used for She-Hulk herself. They had a 7ft tall green-fit woman on set as a reference to place Maslany’s face in a digital model. The main plot of the story surrounds the government wanting Blonsky’s record expunged for being a good boy while in prison. This likely has to do with what Contessa Fountaine’s organization is building to.

-At one point in the story, there’s a case known as “Wong V. Blaze” that will play out. I don’t know if this is Johnny Blaze himself, but considering that Marvel is building the Midnight Sons with Blade, Black Knight, Werewolf by Night, Moon Knight, Elsa Bloodstone, and perhaps Morbius it’s no surprise Ghost Rider is gaining early traction.

-Yes, Jimmy. Matt Murdock (Cox) is on the show.

Ms. Marvel:

This Is How Ms. Marvel's Powers Link Her To The Multiverse

Ms. Marvel

-At one point, Kamala Khan was going to be inhuman from what I was told, but that was radically changed as a result of wanting Mr. Fanstastic to be the only hero with organic malleability.

-She is a Djin/Genie and there’s an evil group of Djin that are after Kamala, a member which includes her boyfriend (a big dramatic twist in the show)

-Don’t know if this is still in the story, but Alysia Reiner went from an inhuman hunter to Djin-hunter, being in charge of the organization known as N.I.C.E.

-Kamala’s powers use constructs and she uses them to make daggers and shields like Green Lantern.

Wakanda Forever:

T'Challa Could Be Recast For Wakanda Forever, Thanks To Fans' Request

Wakanda Forever

-Ms. Wright seems to have pissed off the wrong executives by needlessly halting production and causing unnecessary PR. It seems that writers are on the clock trying to rewrite scenes. The new person to take on the helm of Black Panther, as of writing this post, seems to be M’Baku. Winston Duke is charismatic, fans like him, and his narrative is open for this change to happen. I will say that he is the current runner-up, but that could change. From what I know for sure is Wright’s promotion has now been a notable downgrade.

-Namor pops up after the result of both Wakanda meddling in the ocean and with Tiamut’s late abortion creating oceanic chaos.

-Don’t know if this is still in the script since this production has been ruined from when it was originally planned, but early concepts of the film had Dr. Doom in one of the end credits, being revealed as the main orchestrator of the two most powerful nations on earth to war with one another. Feige wants to make Doom a big problem for Earth’s mightiest heroes, not simply the F4. So expect Doom to be an ongoing figure in the shadows.


Echo Hawkeye


-I can be confident in saying that Cox’s Daredevil and Bernthal’s Punisher will likely be on the show with Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin making her grand return

-The case for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage making a return is still up in the air.

-Iron Fist will likely NOT return.

With these facts being the case for upcoming shows in the MCU, it looks like we’re in for a treat. Now, it’s up to us to see if these leaks are worth the hype with Ms. Marvel premiering on June 8th on Disney+

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