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New Blade Movie Can Fix Two Things That Went Wrong With Eternals

By Prathamesh Athavale
January 22,2022

Directed by Chloe Zhao, Eternals tells the story of the creation of two alien races, Eternals, and Deviants, by the Celestial Arishem the Judge. Deviants turned out to be evil, so to defeat them, their creator sent Eternals to earth. After conquering Deviants, Eternals stayed on Earth, remaining hidden among the human population and helping humans evolve, but they were not to interfere in human conflicts.

This decision turned out to be a cause of dispute among the Eternals and made them part ways. Eternals were forced to return after a really long time when the Deviants returned and Eternal’s leader Ajak was killed by Kro. An apocalyptic event followed this called ‘the emergence’, which revealed the true identity of Eternals to the human population.


Eternals Theory Reveals Why Blade Stops Dane Whitman In Post-Credits Scene

Eternals also introduced the character of Dane Whitman(Kit Harington) who is in fact a superhero named Black Knight; So a more significant role was expected out of him. He appears only three times on screen; At the beginning of the movie, briefly in video calls, and in the post-credits scene. This was disappointing to fans who were expecting to see more of Black Knight. Also, Blade was introduced to the MCU through Dane, which felt odd because Blade was expected to make a grand debut in the MCU through his upcoming original film.

Mahershala Ali was expected to debut in a Marvel film in the role of Blade, but now Marvel has already introduced him through Eternals. He has appeared in a vocal cameo, where he is heard speaking to Dane Whitman, asking whether he is ready to wield the Ebony blade. This unexpected introduction of Blade might have disappointed Blade fans. Although there was some uncertainty among fans regarding whose the voice was, director Chloe Zhao soon confirmed it to be Blade’s.

The popular Marvel characters like Spider-Man and Nick Fury were introduced in the movies with an element of surprise and grandeur, which was appreciated by fans all over the world. Compared to those, Blade has received a blunt introduction. Cutting him out of the scene completely and directly introducing him through his own movie would have been a better choice, according to Blade fans.

Blade And Black Knight

When it was revealed that Kit Harington is going to portray Dane Whitman, excited fans were hoping he would play a prominent role in Eternals. Instead of showing Dane taking on his family legacy as Black Knight, he was brushed off as a minor side character; making him into Sersi’s link to humans and earth. Blade’s unexpected and rather disappointing appearance and making Dane a minor secondary character can be considered as ‘ mistakes’ in an otherwise amazing movie. Maybe the MCU can fix these in the upcoming Blade movie by exploring deeper connections between Blade and Dane Whitman.

Eternals is a good movie and certainly has its strong points. The MCU has tried to bring out a new film that differs from its conventional hits. Although it has a few flaws, they are because of characters that have no direct relation to the main characters and plot.


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