New Leak Suggest An Inhuman Character To Appear In Ms.Marvel

When the Ms. Marvel series will be released is still unknown. It was thought that it would be released in the middle to the end

By Akshay Sharma
February 23,2022
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When the Ms. Marvel series will be released is still unknown. It was thought that it would be released in the middle to the end of summer last year. Even though fans have had to wait longer than they thought, some new unconfirmed information says the new series is only months away, and it may even include a beloved superhero team member who could help right one of Marvel TV’s mistakes from the past.

Episode 2: Lockjaw Is Here

On Twitter, @shrutiraoart shared an image from TV Time that showed a release date for Ms. Marvel and the names of the episodes. In the past, it has been said that the TV line does indeed show these dates and titles. The first episode of Ms. Marvel, “Kamala Khan: Embiggen,” will air on May 13. The next five episodes will air every week. “Lockin’ Jaws,” “The Woman I Look Up To,” “New Kid on the Block,” “My Faith,” and “Only Here to Save the World.” Since, it is a leak, could this be true?

The Episode Title Leaks For Ms.Marvel
The Episode Title Leaks For Ms.Marvel

According to the leak, Ms. Marvel is set to premiere on May 13. It was found on the popular TV Time app, which keeps track of episodes and viewing times for users, that the premiere date is May 13. Not only that, but each episode so far has a title that hasn’t been confirmed. The second episode is called “Lockin’ Jaws

If you think this episode might be about the four-legged Inhumans character Lockjaw, it wouldn’t be surprising. To be an Inhuman and to go space-jaunting, is one of Lockjaw’s prime abilities. Lockjaw was first seen in Fantastic Four #45, which came out in 1965. After being exposed to the Terrigen Mists, Lockjaw was sent to guard Kamala.


It’s not clear if this information is true, and it could just be a coincidence. Still, it’s interesting to think about, given how much Marvel likes to make references and Easter eggs. Lockjaw was a character on the short-lived Inhumans TV show that aired on ABC in 2017.

Is Marvel Studios Trying To Clean Up The Mess?

The Inhumans Show
The Inhumans Show

The show didn’t do very well with critics and Marvel fans, even though it was shown in IMAX and had a lot of screenings. It only lasted eight episodes. If Lockjaw shows up on Ms. Marvel, could this be the Studios making up for the low expectations they had with their previous TV show?

Inhumans wasn’t set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe because it was made by Marvel TV, not by Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios, so it wasn’t really inclusive along with the movies released at the same time. If the leak is true, we could see the teleporting dog again, and even use the same CGI, though it’s not likely to be 100% like the dog that accompanied Anson Mount’s Black Bolt.

As a result, Marvel has become more used to dealing with live-action elements outside of Marvel Studios. For example, like Wilson Fisk from the Daredevil Series in Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home’s multiversal action. This could be a fun way to give Lockjaw an adventure that isn’t so heavy-handed.

Even though Inhumans didn’t do very well when it was on TV, this could be Marvel’s way of setting the stage for a new take on the characters. The show was supposed to be a movie at first, but Marvel TV decided to make it into a TV show instead.

It was aired at the same time as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which was still keeping fans guessing. It looks like the studio might be looking for a way to erase the show and start over with a new cast.

Ms.Marvel Release Date

Marvel Studios' Ms.Marvel
Marvel Studios’ Ms.Marvel

As for Ms. Marvel, it’s not clear if Lockjaw or any other Inhumans characters will be in the comic book. “Lockin’ Jaws” could be a completely wrong title for an episode, or the title could be a fake. The release date for Ms. Marvel hasn’t been set by the studio. Marvel is very secretive with such crucial elements to hold the surprises. Hence, it’s best to keep your hopes held for the show.

Almost nothing is known about the plot of Ms. Marvel at this point in time. As Disney+’s first synopsis shows, Khan will still be a Pakistani American fan of Carol Danvers, a.k.a Captain Marvel (played by Brie Larson) and a nerd from Jersey City. The show’s third episode may be called “The Woman I Look Up To” which may indicate her cameo. Khan will appear again in The Marvels, which will see her team up with Monica Rambeau, played by Teyonah Parris. That movie comes out on Feb. 17, 2023. Production had been completed in December 2021.

The official release date for Ms. Marvel on Disney+ has not been set yet. Reshoots on the project are currently taking place in Atlanta. As for now, Moon Knight is the next Marvel Studios series on the line which releases on March 30th.

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