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New Moon Knight Footage Gives A Peek Into Arthur’s Sinister Plot

By Abraham George
February 15,2022

Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac, will be the first Marvel Studios series to be released on Disney+ in 2022. To add a fresh aspect to the MCU tale, this series will include Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow and Steven Grant, the MCU’s most elusive character.

As an MCU project, Moon Knight stands out for its use of ancient Egyptian mythology and the character’s underlying mental health trends.

Early in January, fans got their first sight at Isaac’s Steven Grant, including a complete view of the hero’s amazing outfit, that was released as the first promo material for the show.

The first trailer for the show delved into introducing Steven Grant, who is going through a rough patch in life with his mental breakdowns. Marc Spector was revealed to be the alter ego of Steven Grant as he encounters Khonshu in his dreams and visions.

Ethan Hawke is also introduced as the cultist maniac, Arthur Harrow. Very little to prove how he fits into the show, but the newly released spot for the show places him to be a deadly nemesis for Marc/Moon Knight.

Breaking Down The TV Spot

In addition to a full trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Marvel Studios also hinted that Moon Knight will be making an appearance in its own advertisement during the Super Bowl. We now have fresh footage of Oscar Isaac’s debut appearance in a Marvel Studios series.

Marvel Studios aired a 30-second commercial for the forthcoming Disney+ series Moon Knight during the first quarter of Super Bowl LVI.

Amid a lot of fresh footage, Marvel Studios has found a way to make this next series even more enticing.

Disney Reveals One Major Change to Moon Knight's Superpowers In the MCU

A new spot for Moon Knight aired during the Super Bowl

The hero’s outfit sneaks up on Isaac from behind straight away, indicating that Moon Knight is going for the whole supernatural approach with the character’s MCU debut. This is followed by a few frames of Steven Grant peering into a mirror and seeing his reflection doing something different than him, which further adds to the suspense.

This time around, Ethan Hawke has much more of an effect, going beyond the tattoo of shifting scales on his arm. A magical staff with a purple tip is subsequently shown in his hands, hinting at the magnitude of the threat he’ll pose to the film’s main hero.

Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight uses blades shaped like the crescent moon to attack his enemies. This  was one of the spot’s most thrilling action sequences. This too was observed in the way he manipulates his cape as he leaps into the air, as well as the moon-shaped weapon that returns to him from the moon above him.

It was evident that the MCU’s supernatural plot was going to alter the game with just a half-minute of additional action.

Ethan Hawke’s Mysterious Role

Arthur Harrow with his followers

Arthur Harrow with his followers

When Ethan Hawke was cast for a mysterious role in Moon Knight. There was a lot of speculation about who he would playfor. Hawke is going to play Arthur Harrow, after all , a Marvel Comics character who is a psychiatrist with a bad history.

Arthur Harrow’s Past

Grail being held at point by Arthur

Grail being held at point by Arthur

Arthur Harrow was a Nobel Prize winner in medicine for his work in the field of pain theory. Victoria Grail, a fellow doctor, had doubts about his work. Harrow’s papers showed that he had done very little animal testing, which Grail thought was odd given how far his work had come.

Grail found evidence that scientists at Auschwitz-Birkenau had done secret experiments on Harrow, and he objected to his candidacy. To eliminate the evidence, the Nuremberg Tribunal said that they should be burned. But then they suddenly disappeared, and the think tank group known as OMNIUM had something to do with that!

He was supposedly doing research on the jaguar and armadillo in Mexico, and Grail thought he was doing the same thing there, so she went there and became one of his subjects.

In the comics, Arthur Harrow doesn’t have any superpowers. His main skill is his brilliant mind, because he is a very good doctor and scientist, and he was nominated for a Nobel prezi.

It’s true that Arthur Harrow suffers from a serious disorder. He has trigeminal neuralgia, which is a long-term pain condition that affects the trigeminal nerve, which is in charge of facial feeling and motor tasks like chomping and biting.

He was unable to move the left side of his face, with a snarl on his lips that never went away. This made him very sad. It’s not surprising that he used his brains and abilities to study pain theory, even though his methods were not very good.

Marc Spector’s Involvement In The Case

Ethan Hawke's Villain Arthur Harrow In Marvel’s Moon Knight

Ethan Hawke’s Villain Arthur Harrow In Marvel’s Moon Knight

It happened to Marc Spector’s car one day after the Priests of Khonshu came to him and showed him visions of Dr. Arthur Harrow and Dr. Grail, which made him want to go after them, and he did.

OMNIUM learned that Grail was in Yucatan, where the tests were taking place, and sent operatives to take her. Marc Spector saw them as they forced her into a car at knife point. He turned into Moon Knight and freed Grail, then asked about a man with scars.

He was then told everything about Harrow by Grail. People who work for Harrow were together when his lab was broken into, but Harrow caught Moon Knight and Grail when they found it and put a jaguar on them.

Moon Knight and Grail find a secret way into Harrow’s lab. When they got there, they were surrounded by Harrow’s patients, who had been told by the doctor to kill Moon Knight and Grail. The latter told the former not to hurt the subjects.

Moon Knight quickly realized that he couldn’t get rid of any of them without doing a lot of damage, so he ran away with Grail. Harrow took off in a helicopter, despite Moon Knight’s efforts to stop him. He was then called by the head of the OMNIUM, who told him that his experiments would go on somewhere else.

What The Trailer/Spots Reveal About Arthur

Moon Knight

Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight trailer

Moon Knight’s first teaser revealed a lot about Marc Spector’s past, but it didn’t answer all of the questions about Arthur Harrow. Hawke has said in the past that his character is based on David Koresh, the leader of the Branch Davidian cult, who died in the Waco siege.

As a cult leader, the Moon Knight teaser showed Arthur Harrow and his followers kneeling to him. Marc Spector was lost in the crowd. In a voiceover, Harrow tells Marc that it must be very hard for him to deal with the voices in his head, and that he should embrace the chaos inside of him. Since Marc/Steven has mental problems, Harrow may try to use him. This may not work out as planned.

Whether Moon Knight’s Arthur Harrow will be like the comic book version, in that this cult leader version will also experiment on his followers, or whether his motivations will be completely different. This is a question that hasn’t been answered yet. In this interconnected world, Arthur Harrow could be one of the most terrifying and dark villains in the MCU. His actions as a cult leader could have a big impact on other parts of the world.

Moon Knight opens to the world on March 30th on Disney+

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