New Phase 4 Hero Gets Major Change, All Thanks To Doctor Strange 2

Werewolf by Night, who is almost certainly going to be a new hero in Phase 4, gets a major makeover in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. An upcoming Halloween special starring Marvel’s Werewolf by Night protagonist has been reported to be in the works for Disney+. As a result, Marvel Comics hero Jake Gomez or Jack Russell is set to join the MCU within the next year.

Because he was the star of his own comic book story arc in the 1970s, Werewolf by Night is an important figure in the Marvel Universe’s supernatural subplot. As far as we know, Gael Garcia Bernal will be playing a role in the MCU, but it’s not clear how big. It’s reasonable to assume that the unnamed Halloween special will only serve as Werewolf by Night’s MCU introduction, given that a 40-minute special is far too short to do justice to a new Phase 4 hero. Many theories abound as to how Marvel will handle the character’s transformation into a werewolf in his upcoming debut.

The Consequence Of Damaging The Darkhold


The end of Doctor Strange 2 raises interesting questions about Werewolf by Night’s future in the film. On Mount Wundagore, Scarlet Witch destroyed the Darkhold in all universes, causing the temple to fall to the ground. For Werewolf by Night, her decision has huge implications for his MCU journey, especially when considering Darkhold’s importance to his story. It wasn’t just the cause of his predicament; it was also seen as a potential solution. The obliteration of the Darkhold does not necessitate the MCU writing it out of his story, but it could complicate his MCU objectives.

When Jack and his bloodline are cursed, it is formed in the comic books that the curse comes from a spell in the Darkhold. Given this, he concluded that the Darkhold held the key to eradicating his curse for good. His ties to Darkhold also made him a key figure in many book crossovers, including Doctor Strange, Blade, and Spider-woman. Werewolf by Night’s story has been ruined by the end of Doctor Strange 2 because of its destruction.

It’s thanks to Doctor Strange’s involvement in the Multiverse of Madness that Bernal’s MCU character won’t need to keep the Darkhold away from his enemies while on the MCU stage. The Darkhold could still be the source of his werewolf curse, even after Scarlet Witch’s heroic actions in the final scene. If it was triggered before she threw away the book, it could have happened. If that’s the case, the movie’s ending may have swindled the Werewolf by Night of his only opportunity to undo the spell and reclaim his life.