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New Poll Shows Americans Believe Disney Was Wrong For Firing Gina Carano

By Kunal Sharma
March 7,2021

Whenever anyone thinks of The Mandalorian, three things first come to mind- Baby Yoda, Luke Skywalker’s cameo appearance in season 2, and Gina Carano getting fired. The last of them is still a talking point on the internet with people divided over whether firing her over her political beliefs was the right thing to do.

The Gina Carano Firing Issue

The left-wing fans of the Disney+ show were outraged over Carano’s tweets that mocked trans people’s use of pronouns. But Carano didn’t stop there, she also compared the condition of Republicans in the US under Democratic rule to that of Jewish people in Nazi Germany.

It’s widely speculated that it was this comparison that proved to be the last straw for Lucasfilm and Disney.

Once Carano got fired, the right-wing fans of The Mandalorian got fired up. Largely everyone agreed that Carano getting fired was left-wing SJW propaganda. Also, people agreed that one’s political beliefs shouldn’t be grounds for getting fired. As a result, a multitude of social-media campaigns got launched. However, as we have seen throughout history, these don’t have any effect on the big corporations and their decisions whatsoever.

Which Side Is Right?

Whatever beliefs you hold is going to determine which side you think has fair points about the firing issue. But if you search on Twitter for Gina Carano’s firing issue, you will find that there’s a new poll now. The poll basically says that legions of Americans believe Carano was unjustly fired from her role as Cara Dune.

Also do note that the poll was conducted by the Public Opinion Strategies before getting released by Carano’s new home- The Daily Wire. This is in case you think that this was one of the regular polls that you see all the time on Twitter. However, it seems like this whole poll was very anti-Disney.

This is because apart from the Gina Carano question, the thread also asked questions about offensive and dated Disney theme-park attractions. Basically, they were asking about political correctness and if the company had gone too far for it.

What Were The Poll Numbers?

The poll at first showed that 58% of voters were opposed to Carano getting fired from The Mandalorian. But these numbers went up to 72% when voters saw the Instagram post she got fired for. Also, 34% of voters said that they didn’t find anything wrong with Carano’s actions.

But Carano isn’t caring about these issues at all. Not only is she not coming back, but she has moved past the entire fiasco with Disney and has decided to star in, and develop a new film.

Source: BoundingIntoComics

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