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New Post Credit Scene In Spider Man No Way Home Extended Cut

By Sumit Sahu
September 6,2022

Spider-Man: No Way Home is back again with 11 minutes of additional fun. Along with all the joke-worthy scenes, there is a post-credit clip which was quite fascinating. Doctor Strange’s spell was not just cast on people but also on photos, videos, and in everything where Peter Parker existed. After all, this is how the “Make The World Forget Who I Am!” spell should work. 

The Post Credit Scene In The Extended Cut Of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Pete and MJ

Pete and MJ

In this post credit, we see Betty Brant showing her video testimonial on their graduation day. She has added all of the memories they had throughout their High School.

And as everyone has forgotten Peter Parker, he doesn’t have any existing memory in the school or around the world.

We see a series of pictures and videos being flashed in that graduation memory video. We don’t see Peter Parker in any of them. In reality, he was there in all of those pictures and videos in real time.

The spell that Doctor Strange cast has its impact on the digital media as well. The magic has cropped out Peter from the videos and photos. And if Peter is in the center of any picture, then something or some person is blocking the direct view of his face.

It is like people don’t get to even see the picture of Peter Parker, which means he is a total stranger to this world with a fresh identity.

What Was The Point Of This Post Credit Scene?



Marvel decided to add this in the movie to give a detailed definition of how the ‘Forget’ spell works. Most of the fans asked questions on the internet about the same. People wanted to know what if MJ sees a picture of Peter with him, as they have a lot of them clicked throughout the school days. 

Will she not try to find this mystery man with whom she has clicked pictures on a friendly note? And this post credit is the answer to all such questions from fans. No picture or video has Peter Parker in it. We don’t see him anywhere! Probably, admission records of Peter in the school must have been destroyed magically by some means as well. 

I hope we get to see more of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, and his redemption as a teenage citizen and a vigilante.

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