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New Promo Art For Disney+ I Am Groot Has Been Released

By Abraham George
May 3,2022

Groot is coming! Disney+ Marvel fans are in for major treats in the past 3-4 weeks. With the release of Moon Knight and the imminent Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, its just getting started for a whole new phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The major start for Marvel began with the stunning performances in Moon Knight. With Oscar Issac setting the benchmark for 2022 Marvel, it’s apparent that the other shows may need to live to this judgemental phase established by the show.

The future of the show lists out with: Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, What If Season 2 and ‘I Am Groot. What could be expected from these shows? Well, with these shows bringing new twists, turns and especially new characters to the MCU, its fair to say that we’ll be on an exploring spree for the coming months. Marvel has started to use the shows as the base to establish these new characters and bring their glory to the larger screen. For example, Ms. Marvel will have her show and will later show up in The Marvel in 2023. The MCU was always searching for wasy to introduce their new heroes and with Disney plus, it just got easier for Marvel to establish a platform to make the viewers understand the heroes thoroughly.

The upcoming series involves borth Animation and Live-action. Speaking of live-action, the MCU’s next animated series, I Am Groot, is expected to be gearing up for a potential release soon. The show is said to be based on the upcoming adventures of Groot, who is possibly going to face off against his likewise foes and endure a fun journey with the Guardians. A new set of promo art featuring the character has surfaced on Twitter.

I Am Groot Promo Art Brings The Groot Fan In You

The latest set of Goot Promo art was leaked over on Twitter by user Arach07 (@Arach_07). The tweet highlights potential promo art that may be released with the accessories and wearables that Disney may have to offer for the toddlers and kids section. The promo art brings Groot to light in a range of various such designs.

Here’s a look at the promos:


Groot Promo Art 17

Groot Promo Art 16

Groot Promo Art 15

Promo Art 14

Groot Promo Art 13

Groot PromoArt 12

Promo Art 11

Promo Art 10

Promo Art 9

Promo Art 8

Promo Art 7

Promo Art 6

Promo Art 5

Groot Promo Art 4

Promo Art 3

Promo Art 2

Promo Art 1

With the said lead or ‘release’ of these promos, it’s likely that Disney and Marvel are almost ready to begin their promotions with the solo series of the character. Though James Gunn may not have huge factor on the show, the team at Marvel have been updating the show based off the quirky adventures of Groot after the events on Endgame. The one question that could ponder your mind after seeing the promos: Will the show cover a new Groot or an Adult Groot?

It may not be ideal for Marvel to be using the Adult Groot as he’s more conscious of his nature than what the baby Groot was. The show being based for kids and toddlers will definitely be doing childish activities and causing accidental mayhem across the galaxy. The said animated show will be voiced by Vin Diesel, who has also voiced him since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1.

Vin Diesel earlier last year had updated himself, voicing the character in a dubbing studio. Though he may have just one line to say throughout the whole series, it may be fun to see how much of a twist Groot brings us in the show. Will he speak up? We’ll have to wait and find out.

‘I am Groot’ is said to premiere this fall on Disney+.

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