New Secret Invasion Trailer: Revealing Marvel's Biggest Disney+ Show Yet!
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New Secret Invasion Trailer: Revealing Marvel’s Biggest Disney+ Show Yet!

Get Ready For The New Trailer Of Secret Invasion, The Highly Anticipated Disney+ Series From Marvel Studios.

By Amitabh Mukherji
April 1,2023

Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion is one of the most highly anticipated Disney+ series set to release in Phase 5 of the MCU. Fans have been eagerly waiting for new information about the show since its announcement, and now they have a reason to celebrate. Disney+ has announced the release date for the second full trailer for Secret Invasion, which will air on Sunday, April 2, during the MLB game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Texas Rangers from ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball presentation.

What To Expect from The New Secret Invasion Trailer

Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion

The first trailer for Secret Invasion was released during the 2022 D23 Fan Expo in September. It gave fans a small glimpse into the series and introduced Emilia Clarke‘s character, G’iah. The new trailer is expected to reveal more details about the plot and characters of the show, including its villains. With rumors suggesting potential ties to Agents of SHIELD and the intrigue surrounding who may be revealed as a Skrull, the trailer could have some major ramifications for future MCU entries.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Return As Nick Fury

Secret Invasion's MCU Timeline Raises A Huge Infinity War Question

Nick Fury


The new trailer will also give fans a glimpse of Samuel L. Jackson‘s return as Nick Fury, who is set to lead the series. Secret Invasion is the first streaming series from Marvel Studios since 2022’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and fans are excited to see what it has in store for them.

Anticipation For Secret Invasion

Nick Fury will restore SHIELD

Nick Fury

Anticipation for Secret Invasion has been rising since Vanity Fair published an in-depth report about the series, which revealed Emilia Clarke’s mysterious character and shared new looks at some of the show’s biggest stars. With reports teasing the show’s arrival on Disney+, fans can’t wait to see how the Skrull Invasion will take its place in the MCU narrative.

The new trailer for Secret Invasion is highly anticipated by fans of the MCU. It is expected to reveal more details about the show’s plot and characters and potentially tie into future entries in the franchise. Fans are excited to see Samuel L. Jackson return as Nick Fury and can’t wait for the show’s arrival on Disney+.

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