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New Set Images From The Set Of Ahsoka Indicate A Visit To The Ruins

By Abraham George
May 1,2022

The production of Ahsoka, the next live-action series from Lucasfilm, is expected to begin in the near future. The show will place the beloved heroine of The Clone Wars front and center, continuing both her mission in the MandoVerse and her quest to track down Ezra Bridger following the events of Star Wars Rebels. Rosario Dawson reprises the main role that she previously brought to life in The Mandalorian Season 2 and later in The Book of Boba Fett, with Star Wars powerhouse Dave Filoni serving as writer and showrunner for the third season of The Mandalorian.

In terms of story, Ahsoka has a blank slate to work with, for the most part. In The Mandalorian, the character reveals that she is on the quest for Grand Admiral Thrawn and, by extension, Ezra, but once those two have been identified, anything is possible. It has been speculated that Hayden Christensen will reprise his role as Anakin Skywalker in the series, most likely in the form of a Force ghost and possibly even in flashbacks. For Ahsoka, the programme promises to be as much an emotional journey as it will be a physical one during the course of the season.

Star Wars enthusiasts have a good cause to be enthused about the project now that the first steps have been taken toward completion. Considering that the MandoVerse has proven to be Lucasfilm’s most successful initiative during the Disney era, a live-action series devoted to one of the most recognisable animated characters in history will undoubtedly be a success. As things heat up for Ahsoka, the first photographs from the show’s set have been leaked, providing a glimpse at where the tale may take the eponymous character in the future.

According to the Bespin Bulletin, the first leaked photographs from the set of Ahsoka, which depict the ruins of an ancient temple, have been released. Additionally, according to the outlet, shooting will take place at Manhattan Beach Studios as well as the train yard location, the latter of which would house the temple ruins set. Filming for the series is expected to begin in late April, though it may be delayed until early May if the weather cooperates. When it comes to the temple ruins, anything is on the table at the moment. Given Ahsoka’s strong links to the Jedi Order, visiting an ancient temple as part of her mission would seem like a logical choice.

Set Images From the Production of Star Wars' Ahsoka - 1

Set Images From the Production of Star Wars’ Ahsoka – 1

Set Images From the Production of Star Wars' Ahsoka - 2

Set Images From the Production of Star Wars’ Ahsoka – 2

Set Images From the Production of Star Wars' Ahsoka - 3

Set Images From the Production of Star Wars’ Ahsoka – 3

However, while Ahsoka is likely still not a member of the Jedi Order, Ezra Bridger is, and it’s possible that the temple’s cryptic messages will provide clues as to his whereabouts. If Ezra had come to the place at any point during the Rebellion, he could have left a trail for Ahsoka to follow if he was there. Of course, the most pressing question remains as to exactly where the temple’s ruins might be found in their entirety. Only Ahsoka and the Mandalorians seem to know what happened to Ezra and Thrawn following the Star Wars Rebels conclusion. However, she may have received a significant hint from the Magistrate in The Mandalorian. Most likely, the temple is located someplace in the Unknown Regions of space, a region that few Jedi would have had the opportunity to investigate even before Order 66 exterminated the faith.

For sheer entertainment value, it’s also worth considering the notion that the ruins are the remains of a Sith temple… perhaps one that Star Wars fans are already familiar with. The planet Malachor served as the setting for the epic events of “Twilight of the Apprentice” in Star Wars Rebels, and it was home to a vast Sith temple that was eventually destroyed. At the conclusion of the episode, viewers were treated to the sight of Darth Vader emerging from the ruins, and they now know that Ahsoka has as well.

If Ahsoka takes use of the fact that Hayden Christensen is now a member of the cast, there is a good likelihood that flashbacks to Vader and Ahsoka’s duel on Malachor will occur in the future. In light of the encounters they’ll likely be having as part of a process to achieve peace in the present day, it’s possible that the terrifying confrontations they had when they were adversaries may play a crucial role in the series’ plot. In addition, fans may be able to see how Ahsoka managed to escape from Malachor, which would bring her Rebels tale to a close.

Ahsoka is set to release on Disney+ in 2023.