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New She-Hulk Merch Hints at Bruce Banner Scene In Marvel Show

By Ishita Chatterjee
August 27,2021

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is well underway, and it is already introducing new characters in the ever-growing blockbuster superhero franchise. One of the new entries in the franchise is She-Hulk, also known as Jennifer Walters.

This hero will be showing up in a Disney+ Marvel series titled after her. Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany was roped in a long time ago to play the titular character. Along with her, Mark Ruffalo will also be reprising his role as Bruce Banner or The Smart Hulk.

This makes sense since Walters is, in fact, his cousin in Marvel Comics. Right now, not much is known about the plot except the fact that Jameela Jamil will be playing Titania and Tim Roth’s Abomination will also show up. Also, rumors about the show indicate that there will be a villain-of-the-week scenario at play here.

She-Hulk and Hulk

Production of She-Hulk seems to be almost wrapping up. This was determined from a social media post of one of its crew members. Also, that social media post helped tease a previously unknown narrative of the show.

Bruce Banner Owns A Bar?

Bruce Banner has a bar

Bruce Banner has a bar

User @homemakeoverbycarlosoliveira shared a pic of himself on Instagram wearing a She-Hulk shirt that was gifted to the crew of the Disney+ Marvel series. On the shirt, there is a cute cartoon showing Hulk and She-Hulk having a drink at a tiki-themed bar.

Above them is a wooden sign that says “Bruce’s Bar.” Now, this does seem to allude to the fact that the bar is Hulk’s. Obviously, this one t-shirt isn’t indicative of a sure confirmation that we will get to see this exact scene in the show. But it does seem really likely that it was inspired by the events of the series.

Here’s the post below:

This is even more true because there hasn’t been any mention of a “Bruce’s Bar” in any comic book storyline. Along with this, Oliveira also said that She-Hulk has wrapped. This is because Oliveira is a draper, and it seems like he was contracted for the production of this show. Thus, explaining why he has this t-shirt.

What Will Be Bruce’s Storyline In The Show?

Bruce Banner as Hulk

Bruce Banner as Hulk

The last time fans saw Bruce Banner or Hulk was during the Infinity Saga. There he helped Steve Rogers place the Infinity Stones correctly in their respective points in time. Till now, we haven’t seen Bruce Banner or Smart Hulk in any MCU Phase 4 project. But that is obviously going to change in She-Hulk.

When audiences see him again, he will be different. That is if this t-shirt hint turns out to be true. So it looks like Hulk might be taking time off from superheroing to start a business venture.

Personally, we think that it’s very possible that Bruce might start a business. After all, doing something like this will fit the overall theme of the show that Kevin Feige describes as a “half-hour legal comedy.”

It’s not hard to guess that Hulk and She-Hulk’s dynamic will be important in the show. After all, they are cousins. And this dynamic might be further maximized by the comedic elements that can be found in a bar setting.

Also, just because Hulk will be doling out drinks doesn’t mean that the Green Goliath won’t be taking part in the fight scenes. After all, it seems like She-Hulk will be new to the superhero genre, sod it’s possible that Bruce will be the one who guides her.

Jameela Jamil will reportedly play Titania in She-Hulk

Jameela Jamil will reportedly play Titania in She-Hulk

Also, a total Hulk team-up seems to be on the cards since it’s possible that Abomination and Titania might team up with the cousins as well.

These new developments regarding She-Hulk’s production status could give fans a hint regarding the premiere of the series on Disney+.

Right now, the Tatiana Maslany-led show is all ready for a 2022 release. Since it has only recently wrapped filming, so it’s possible that the show has an early 2022 release date.

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