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New Theory Suggests Doctor Strange’s Linking To Blade Against Dracula

By Abraham George
February 27,2022

It might be very apparent now, considering some theories on the relationship between Doctor Strange and Vampires in the MCU. In the trailers for Doctor Strange 2, the Master of the Mystic Arts is seen facing threats that are bigger than anything they’ve faced before.

This means that even though Dr. Strange doesn’t know much about the multiverse, he’ll soon learn a lot more. There are a lot of important parts to Phase 4 of the MCU. The multiverse is one of them.

There are a lot of mysterious places that have been shown in the trailers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There’s a good chance some of them are based off of the comics. The¬†Otherworld realm is at the center of the multiverse.

It is one of a number of things that have been called the nexus of all reality. Because of the Starlight Citadel, a fortress that protects every dimension, this world looks like it will be a mess. The Starlight Citadel has been shown in the trailers for Doctor Strange 2. As a result, it could be possible for anything to get into the main timeline of the MCU.

Even if the MCU has vampires, this could set them up. “X of Swords” was a huge X-Men event in 2020 that went into the world of Otherworld for the first time. It revealed that there are a lot of Fair and Foul Courts around the world. One of the Fair Courts is Sevalith, a land that is run by Countex Oublia and Countex Oscura.

It is home to the true vampires, and it is run by them. If the multiverse breaks in Doctor Strange 2, a piece of Sevalith could be brought to the MCU, which would bring vampires to this world.

How The Otherworld Connected With The X-Men

The Otherworlds are responsible for Vampires

The Otherworlds are responsible for Vampires

In ancient times, the living island of Krakoa was part of a bigger whole, called Okkara. This was split into two living islands called Krakoa and Arakko by a mystical blade called the Twilight Sword. An invading horde swept through it, killing everything in its path.

Fortunately, Apocalypse was able to fight back against the tide of evil and keep the world safe from this attack. When the monsters came back, he was able to make them go back. Somehow, he sent them back to the world they came from, which is called Amenth.

In order to do this, Apocalypse had to give up the island of Arakko, which was sent to Amenth. Apocalypse’s wife and his First Horsemen were left behind on Amenth. They’ll always have to fight against the hordes to keep Arakko from being taken.

The First Horsemen of Apocalypse joined forces with the forces of Amenth, which were led by a goddess called Annihilation. Apocalypse was betrayed. They made a gap between Arakko and the rest of the world, and they took over the Kingdom of Dryador. Meanwhile, Apocalypse has been doing the same things they’ve been doing.

He’s made the External Gate between Krakoa and Otherworld, and took Avalon in the name of mutantkind. Now, the two forces have come together, and the fate of both Amenth and Earth, and maybe even the Multiverse itself, was in the balance.

How Doctor Strange Could Join Hands In Vampire Slaying

Doctor Strange Comic of him against Dracula

Doctor Strange Comic of him against Dracula

Blade is Marvel’s Vampire Killer. He hasn’t always been the best vampire killer, but that doesn’t make him any less famous. Dracula was one of Marvel’s’ most famous and powerful supernatural beings. Doctor Strange is the only one who can say he killed the vampires.

Strange teamed up with Wong and Blade in 1983’s The Montesi Formula to rid the world of vampires for good.

He and his allies come across a lot of bad things as they try to find the Darkhold and use the Montesi Formula, which reverses Vampirism and kills vampires all over the world at once.

He asks Scarlet Witch about the whereabouts of the Darkhold. Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch help him fight back against Dracula and his servants at Avengers Mansion when he gets there.

Dracula can’t get the text because Strange sends it to Castle Mordo, where it is surrounded by a dark magic aura that was already there. With this in mind, Strange used Sara Wolfe and Morgana Blessing as decoys to get Wong, and Blade to the Castle.

When Strange gets inside the castle, he starts meddling with the Darkhold in the castle’s inner chamber. This makes Dracula think that he has given in to its dark powers.

As a result, Strange succeeds in making Dracula think he has the upper hand. This is just a clever trick by Strange. In this way, as Dracula tries to get the text, he is sent to the Astral Plane, where Strange is waiting.

The two fight in this astral environment, while Strange’s allies on the ground surround their bodies on the ground and protect them from outside forces. As soon as the Montesi Formula is finished, all vampires, including Dracula, are wiped out of the world.

The Trailer Proves The Collision Of Multiverses

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ trailer could very well be indicative of such an occurence. It shows a glimpse of Doctor Strange being brought before a group of people called the Illuminati. One of them looks like Professor X, who is voiced by Patrick Stewart.

Many people think Blade is a member of this group based on the shadow of what looks like a man in a long coat with a sword on his back in the trailer for Doctor Strange 2.

The Illuminati

The Illuminati

Marvel Studios’ Blade could very well be a person who goes back and forth between worlds to protect different realities from vampires in the MCU.

This isn’t the first time that vampires have been talked about in the MCU. They were mentioned in Thor: Ragnarok and Loki. Until now, it hasn’t been clear as to who is a vampire in the MCU or how they could have entered.

They could have been travelers who broke through the barriers between dimensions and arrived on Earth, but they were quickly killed by either Blade or the TVA. However, the TVA seems to be a little distracted by a multiversal war that started after a Loki variant killed He Who Remains.

This means Blade will be hard-pressed to deal with a large-scale invasion. Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, said in an interview in 2019 that there is a connection between Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Blade. Thus, its evident that that dots may connect on May 6th as Doctor Strange 2 premieres in theaters.

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