New Video Shows Russian Man Hurls Flaming Molotov Onto Kremlin Wall

A new video shows a man, who hasn’t been named, yelling at the red walls of the Kremlin as he looks up at a section of the brickwork that is on fire. The man appears to throw a Molotov cocktail at the walls of the Kremlin in Moscow. A passing driver is said to have taken the video. It allegedly shows the moment right after the man threw the petrol bomb at the building, right before it hit. A part of the Russian Kremlin is on fire, where a Molotov cocktail appears to have hit it. It comes after more than 15,000 people have been arrested for protesting against Russia’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine, an independent human rights group says.

Video shows the man, who has not been identified, gesticulating angrily at the red walls of the Kremlin as he looks up at a burning section of the brickwork

Despite the threat of arrest in Russia, tens of thousands of Russians across the country have taken to the streets to protest against Putin’s war in Ukraine. At least 467 people were arrested in Moscow last week because they were protesting against the invasion. As many as 12 people were taken away by police at a protest in Moscow on Sunday. They said that police were taking away anyone who didn’t have a press pass. A video shows police officers using truncheons and stun guns in a brutal way in a bid to get rid of anyone who is against the invasion of Ukraine. Several people who took part in the protests against Russian military action were seen by police officers in central Moscow being pushed and shoved by them. They were seen in Manezhnaya Square.

Man Hurls molotov
This is the shocking moment a furious man appears to throw a burning Molotov cocktail at the walls of the Kremlin in Moscow.

Marina Ovsyannikova, a Russian journalist, defied Vladimir Putin’s crackdown on free speech on March 14 when she spoke out against his war on Ukraine on live TV. Putin has pushed state media to refer to a “special military operation” instead of a “war” or “invasion,” and he has tried to make Ukraine look like the aggressor with 15 years in prison for anyone who defies him. He has also denied that many people were killed. But Ovsyannikova decided to break the law and storm the set of state-run Channel One with an anti-war sign. A well-known employee of the channel held up a sign that said “Stop the war.” Don’t believe the lies. They’re not telling the truth. A pre-recorded video then called on Russians to protest and “stop the madness.”

When Miss Ovsyannikova did something extraordinary in defiance of Vladimir Putin, it quickly went viral. This led to praise from world leaders, and calls for her to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. As soon as she was arrested, there were fears that she would go away, as many people who are critical of the Kremlin do. As a result, her lawyer said he couldn’t get in touch with or find her at the police station where she was said to be being held. This raised concerns about her safety. Then last week, Ovsyannikova showed up at Moscow’s Ostankino district court, where a judge told her to pay a £210 fine and let her go. When she called for illegal protests, she could have been detained for up to 10 days at a time.

However, the charge was only made because of the video, not because she interrupted the news show. People who work for the Kremlin say she should be locked up for a long time now. They say the social media platforms haven’t done right by not taking down fake news about Russian military actions in Ukraine and calls for anti-war protests in Russia.