New What If...? Episode Shows That Hulk Can Beat Scarlet Witch
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New What If…? Episode Shows That Hulk Can Beat Scarlet Witch

By Ishita Chatterjee
September 14,2021

Who will win in a fight between Hulk and Scarlet Witch? Many will unquestioningly say Scarlet Witch. After all, with the help of her magic, she can counter super strength. However, in episode 5 of What If…?, the green monster might actually have a fighting chance against the powerful witch.

It can’t be denied that Hulk and Scarlet Witch are two of the most powerful heroes in Marvel comics as well as in the MCU. In the latest episode of the animated show, the two heroes who generally fight on the same side were seen clashing against each other.

Scarlet Witch And Hulk Clash In What If…?

Scarlet witch vs Hulk

Scarlet Witch vs Hulk

Scarlet Witch has a well-deserved reputation of being the strongest hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, she can single-handedly bring down Thanos. In WandaVision, it was confirmed that Scarlet Witch is not just a product of a Hydra experiment. She does possess Chaos Magic, which (arguably) is one of the most powerful things in the entire multiverse.

Since Wanda has an affinity for destruction, so it didn’t surprise many when she was revealed as the final challenge for the heroes to overcome in the Zombies episode of Marvel’s animated What If…? To stop her, Bruce Banner became the Hulk.

Now, many might think that this is the ultimate sacrifice by Bruce. After all, he was fighting an enemy he had no chance of winning against. But that may not have been the case. As viewers, we only saw the beginning of the fight onscreen. But even in that short fight, we could see that Hulk had an edge.

The scarlet witch was deflecting his blows with her Chaos magic, but she was still being driven back by the force of Hulk’s punches. We aren’t shown what happens next. But Hulk may defeat Wanda if he keeps up his efforts.

How Does Hulk Defeat Scarlet Witch?

Scarlet witch in What If...?

Scarlet witch in What If…?

As a result of her Chaos magic, Scarlet Witch possesses more raw power than anyone else. But Hulk is physically the strongest. The reason Hulk ranks lower than Thor or Captain Marvel, is because they have more powers than just brute strength.

As such, Hulk might not win every time. But in this What If…? fight, he could win. But how?

Well, viewers should note that the fight was occurring at a close range and that is a problem for Wanda. This is because she physically can’t go toe-to-toe with Hulk. And as such this might explain why she was stumbling backward.

What If..? Hulk

What If..? Hulk

If the Scarlet Witch was able to put distance between them, then she might have been able to take out Hulk by incapacitating him. But as per the conditions shown in episode 5 of What If…?, it is the green monster who seems to have the advantage.

After all, with just one strong hit, Marvel’s strongest zombie would fold like a pack of cards.

You can catch Marvels What If…? streaming on Disney+ and decide the winner for yourself.

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