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Nicole Scherzinger Undergoes Wardrobe Malfunction While Dancing In A Skintight Co-ord

By Celeb Staff
May 12,2022

Nicole Scherzinger is no stranger to pulling all stops when it comes to experimenting with her style and fashion. 

Come Tuesday, the star was absolutely phenomenal in a tie dye co-ord as she showed off her amazing dance moves. 

The 43 year-old Pussycat Doll took to her Instagram account to post a sizzling clip of her busting some moves. She flaunted her colorful ensemble while also confessing that the skintight two-piece had left her with a camel toe. 

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger showed off her dance moves in a tie dye two piece set on her Instagram account

In the video, Nicole Scherzinger showed off the best views of her body. She revealed her ample assets in the cleavage showing busty bralette as she posted a tongue in cheek caption along with the clip.

She wrote: ‘It’s the tie dye camel toe for me. #trynabringoutthefabulous.’ 

The hitmaker was fabulous with her dance moves with Lizzo’s About Damn Time playing in the background. Nicole Scherzinger flaunted her slender and incredibly toned figure while giving a sassy twirl at the end which gave a proper view of her shapely posterior.

Nicole Scherzinger

She posted a sizzling clip of her busting moves in the ensemble with Lizzo’s About Damn Time playing

Fans Praise Her Fashion Choice And Humor

Nicole styled her luscious brunette locks in a straight fashion and she accentuated her naturally beautiful skin tone with a full palette of glamorous makeup. 

Shortly after the post went live, it garnered a huge amount of likes as well as appreciative comments. Most of them were in response to the playful nature of Scherzinger’s caption.

One follower wrote:  ‘Caption has me WEAK.’

‘Just gotta own it!’ said one fan. 

Nicole Scherzinger

The hitmaker looked incredible as she showed off her trim and toned physique

A fan said: ‘I die at the caption’, while another chimed in: ‘Hahaha that caption!’ 

‘That’s made me smile after sad day,’ a fan wrote. 

Another gushed: ‘Goddess in tie dye!’

Nicole Scherzinger

Within moments the post was met with a plethora of comments reacting to the playful description

Nicole Scherzinger Talks About Upcoming Album

In addition to this, during a stage appearance at her show in Los Angeles, Nicole Scherzinger recently announced that she has been ‘working on an album’.

The singer recently called off the reunion shows of The Pussycat Dolls. Nicole is yet to release a standalone album since her 2014 dance-pop record, Big Fat Lie, failed to chart.

According to a report by The Sun, Nicole addressed the audience at the show by elaborating on the subject. She said:

‘I’ve been doing some writing lately, working on this album.’

Nicole Scherzinger

The singer danced to the lyrics while showing off her incredible flair for movement The singer danced to the lyrics while showing off her incredible flair for movement

Not only that, Scherzinger sang out the lyrics to a new song for the first time, as she sang:

‘I’ve been underestimated, undermined, underrated. If you only knew what it takes every day just to defeat it.

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole showed off her ample cleavage in the vibrant two piece

‘See you don’t know where I came from, you don’t know what I’m made of, you don’t know.

‘If you ain’t living my story, then you ain’t living my glory…I ain’t never going back. I’ve come too far for this, I fought too hard to miss.’

Nicole Scherzinger

The singer hasn’t released a solo album since 2014 (Pictured in 2020 alongside Jessica Sutta, Kimberly Wyatt, Ashley Roberts and Carmit Bachar L-R)

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