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NWH’s Ending Receives Positive Response From Tobey Maguire

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 27,2022

More than a month after its debut, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures’ NWH is still leaving its mark on the history of superhero movies. Despite being part of the same franchise as movies like Avengers: Endgame, seeing Tom Holland team up with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield made the threequel a true blockbuster event.

It’s only now that the cast and crew of the MCU’s final 2021 film have begun to open up about how this once-in-a-lifetime outing came to fruition. Holland expressed his delight at not having to worry about spoilers. Meanwhile, Garfield finally admitted to his deception that he was even in the film at all.

While talking about his most recent outing, Maguire revealed how he came to be a cast member and how he came to be a hero to his hero. During the same interview, he joined his Spidey co-stars in discussing their thoughts on the NWH’s ending.

Maguire Adores NWH’s Ending

Spider-Man_ No Way Home Update Reveals How Long Tobey Maguire Was On Set

Spider-Man_ No Way Home Update Reveals How Long Tobey Maguire Was On Set

Tobey Maguire revealed how much he enjoyed the NWH’s ending in an interview with Deadline earlier this month. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man solo adventure in the MCU left Tobey Maguire “touched emotionally,” as he admitted. It was “beautiful” how Holland’s Spider-Man handled the “maturity and responsibility” that came with the choices he made, said Maguire.

“And I too just wanted to say, with the coda of the movie, I was really touched emotionally, but also I just thought it had such a sweet elegance to it. That was so amazing. I agree in terms of the origin story of the coming-of-age. Tom, your character stepping into this different kind of maturity and responsibility, and all done with this really sweet, sad, elegant touch. It was just beautiful.”

Below you’ll find a video interview with Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland:

Bringing Maguire In From The Cold

Spiderman tobey maguire and doctor octopus

Spiderman tobey maguire and doctor octopus

The final moments of Spider-Man: No Way Home were some of the most heartbreaking of any version of the character. As hard as it was to send Maguire and Garfield’s heroes back to their world, having Doctor Strange complete his forgetting spell meant that Holland’s Peter had to take on a whole new life.

Even for the “maturity” and “responsibility” that Maguire’s hero had to take on, the MCU’s web-slinger showed those qualities on a new level by having the entire world forget about Peter Parker’s existence.

Seeing all these comments from Sam Raimi’s Spidey star, Holland’s emotional adventure as the character became even more clear. After losing his Aunt May, Peter Parker had to deal with the loss of his life as a superhero. It’s clear that Maguire sees this coming out of the MCU as a game-changer for him.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the ramifications of Holland’s actions in three more Spider-Man films. Even if the Multiverse nearly collapses, the challenges may be greater now than ever before for him to overcome in a world he must navigate on his own.

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