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Odin: How Thor 4 Can Introduce The All-Father’s MCU Replacement

By Mabel Judith Andrady
June 7,2022

A lot was revealed in the new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, especially in regard to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Taika Waititi, the director of Thor: Ragnarok, is back to show how far Thor has come since the events of Avengers: Endgame. Waititi previously directed this sequel. Questions remain about Thor, such as who will guard the Nine Realms in Odin’s stead after he dies. This problem is addressed in the trailer.

There has been a question about Odin since Thor: Ragnarok. After Odin’s death, Hela was freed from her enchanted prison in the film. In a ship provided by Loki after Thor and the Asgardians defeated Hela and unloaded the fire demon Surtur to decimate Asgard with Hela inside, they set out for Earth in the ship they had fought in.

Unfortunately, Thanos intercepted them right away. After Thanos wiped out half of the universe, the remaining Asgardians fled to Earth, where Thor remained depressed and resigned to his fate. Eventually, the Avengers rehired Thor so they could travel back in time and reinstate those who had been erased from existence. Thor joined the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy in their search for Gamora after they defeated Thanos.

Congress of Worlds in Thor 4

Love & Thunder Theory Suggests Thor May Have Joined Fifth MCU Team

The Nine Realms are no longer guarded by Odin and Heimdall due to their deaths, but Valkyrie currently reigns as King of New Asgard. As a result, Thor has been too busy dealing with infinity stones and Thanos’s minions to address this issue. The emergence of the Congress of Worlds in the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer sets the stage for this solution.

It is in Thor comics that reps from each of the nine realms come together to discuss and decide on the future of the universe. The Congress of Worlds would be a great answer to both the utter lack of Odin and the countless issues faced by numerous realms in the wake of Avengers: Endgame, as Thor: Love and Thunder include many new Gods and villains.

To unite the Congress of Worlds against one common enemy, Thor: Love and Thunder’s trailer introduced the perfect villain. Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher plans to kill all gods. Odin the All-Father is no longer able to help and protect the realms, and Thor is already dealing with his own issues.

This threat could unite the gods across the cosmos to interact and protect each other. Gorr would give the gods, including Zeus, a common cause to unite and defeat Gorr and develop the Congress of Worlds, as so many gods were under threat.

How Jane Foster’s Narrative Will Change Thor Forever

How Jane Foster's Mjolnir Powers Are Different To Thor's

How Jane Foster’s Mjolnir Powers Are Different To Thor’s

A senator for Midgard in the Congress of Worlds, Jane Foster appears in the Thor comics. To bridge the Nine Realms, she may be able to participate in Congress of Worlds meetings as she does when she is not the Mighty Thor, which she does in comic books when she is not a superhero.

If Odin was the protector of all nine realms, his history of war and conflict has tarnished that title, and a new phase of self-governed Realms is needed for the nine realms to safeguard themselves and each other. Gods may find it easier to accept a united Congress of Worlds if Thor: Love and Thunder has multiple Thors.

Thor: The Power of Love and the Power of Storms has a lot of unanswered questions, such as what will become of Thor, how Jane Foster got her hands on Mjolnir, and how the heroes will defeat Gorr and save the universe.

The Congress of Worlds is not Thor’s only option for resolving his current problems. Odin and the Nine Realms’ future in the MCU would be greatly improved if the Congress of Worlds were to convene. The Nine Realms and Thor would never be the same after Thor: Love and Thunder.

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