Olivia Culpo Wears A Black Slit Skirt Without Her Underwear

Olivia Culpo’s most recent dress leaves little to the imagination! The Miss Universe 2012 made her 4.9 million Instagram followers’ work week a little more thrilling by publishing a tempting Instagram photo. Due to her incredibly exposing costume, she raised eyebrows on social media. Look at the image below.

Dressed for Killing

The 29-year-old media personality wore a black, flowy skirt for the occasion. It was high-waisted and had a thick waistband that hugged her petite waist. The hem of the dress was likewise uneven, with the most extended portion reaching her heels. Its high split revealed that she wore nothing below the garment while wearing thigh-high boots.

Culpo matched the revealing skirt with a crop top with a turtleneck and 3/4 sleeves. Its cut showed off her chiseled abs. Her lone accessory was a black braided purse, and her brown hair was done in crisp, straight strands with a center part. Culpo appeared to be wearing a full face of makeup, with groomed brows, cut crease eyeshadow, and thick lashes.

The Queen of Pose

Culpo posed on a white sofa in the lobby of a building in Los Angeles. In the first image, she bowed her right knee and placed it on top of the chair while looking straight into the camera with a solemn expression. In the following photo, she kneels on the couch with both legs. Her right hand was resting on the backrest of the chair, and her other hand was resting on the heel of her shoe.

A swipe to the right revealed a candid photograph of Culpo beaming brightly in a similar pose as in the previous photo. The following two slides created more provocative stances while flaunting her toned leg.

Fans’ Reactions

The daring post quickly accumulated over 71,800 likes, indicating a fan favorite. Many of Culpo’s fans raced to the comments area to lavish love on the beauty, with over 400 remarks.
“I mean, I’m not fine!!” “I was not prepared for this,” one wrote.
“I suppose I’m straight now,” one of her gay friends remarked.
“This is completely ludicrous. It’s beyond me how this woman can look so nice. “Merry Christmas to everyone,” said the third commenter.
“Stunning as always,” remarked a fourth.

Her Health Quest

Culpo’s recent post comes less than a month after telling fans that she had endometriosis surgery a year ago. “I can’t believe a year has passed since my life-changing endometriosis surgery!” “This cancer caused havoc on my life, both mentally and physically,” Culpo wrote on Instagram, alongside photos of herself lying in a hospital bed.

“I was continually told ‘difficult periods are normal,’ or worse, I was made to feel like I was being theatrical when my monthly cycle came, and I was in such misery I couldn’t function,” she wrote. I found a lot of my answers on the internet thanks to the endo community, and my symptoms were verified.”

Being Honest

“I wasn’t being crazy or dramatic- I was actually suffering from something serious, and what I saw online gave me the strength to put my foot down and not take no for an answer,” the former Miss USA added. One year later, I am fortunate to have received assistance from @drvilasagar endo surgeon, and my health has wholly improved!!! After my experience, I promised myself that I would utilize my platform to provide knowledge and assistance to individuals suffering from this issue or looking for answers about their menstrual health.”

Source: The BLAST

Instagram: Olivia Culpo