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Omnipotence City, Moon Of Shame And Shadow Realm In Thor 4

By Mohit Srivastava
September 11,2022

This week Marvel’s Thor: Love & Thunder debuted on Disney+ on September 8th, after its hit theatrical run, as another project of Phase 4 of MCU. The movie instantly saw numerous hits from the fans, fans who are already awaiting Marvel’s D23 presentation with batted breaths. Eagle-eyed fans instantly noticed some major changes made to the CGI of the movie that was released on Disney+ as opposed to its theatrical version. Also, the latest release returned the buzz for the movie among the fans. In this article, we shall look into the details of new locations featured in the movie like – the Omnipotence City, Moon Of Shame, and Shadow Realm.

The Omnipotence City

The Omnipotence City

After his first confrontation with Gorr (Christian Bale), Thor decides to seek help from Zeus to defeat him. Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman), Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), and Korg (Taika Waititi) thus decide to visit Omnipotence City. Home to a parliament of pantheons overseen by the Olympian king of gods, Zeus (Russel Crowe), Omnipotence City is a floating city existing in a plane beyond normal space (similar to Asgard). The sequence featured various gods in the pantheons. Some of the credited gods in the scene are – Bao (God of Dumplings), a Kronan God, Bast (an Egyptian God), Minerva (Roman god of justice), Artemis (Greek Goddess of hunt), Lady of Elche (a Pagan Goddess), Kukukan (an Aztec giant serpent God), Jademurai (a Japanese God), and a Fur God.

In the comics, the Omnipotence City was said to have been constructed by the Lords of the Dawn, the first elder gods (or their begetters) as a place of divine fellowship and governance, and as a nexus of all gods. Going even back further in the history of the comic, shortly after the divine seeds on life-bearing planets bore fruit, the various pantheons recognized each other across the cosmos. They met, and together decided to create a permanent fortress city that would serve as a neutral space for all further generations of divine beings. The comics Thor: God of Thunder #3 stated that the city was built twelve billion years ago, while Mighty Thor (Vol. 3) #12 changed it to four billion years ago. The city even features an Eternal Chamber, which is nothing but the final afterlife for gods.

Moon Of Shame

The Moon Of Shame

The Moon on which Thor, Mighty Thor, and Valkyrie go to confront Gorr the God Butcher is known as the Moon of The Shame. From the latest episode of another Disney+ special series called – Marvel Studio’s Assembled, which features Behind The Scenes of various Marvel projects, some new details about the movie were revealed. It was revealed that the tiny moon that is featured in the scene has a day’s duration of only 6 minutes. So, the crew had to shoot the scene with ‘Panel Lights’ on ‘The Volume’. According to them, this movie is exclusively the first movie in which Panel lights are used to such an extent. The scene hence featured a continuously moving light source behind the characters, which is nothing but the rapid movement of a star behind the moon.

Shadow Realm

A Shadow Monster in the shadow realm

A realm in a galaxy of infinite darkness is – Shadow Realm. It is inhabited by various randomly shaped ‘shadowy’ monsters which only dwell in darkness. The leaders of these monsters (assumably Kaa), get killed by the God Ra – the Sun God. Thereafter, the sword (necrosword) possessed by Kaa, calls to Gorr and possesses his conscience. Gorr is thus able to manifest and control different shadow monsters.

Marvel Comics features the Shadow Realm as a two-dimensional realm inhabited by beings known as Soul Masters. These alien races, under the leadership of Warlord Kaa, long to extinguish all life and light across every plane of existence. Also, in the comics, Gorr used the Necrosword to create an entire planetoid at the edge of space, known as the Black World of Gorr. This living abyss seems to have been reimagined as the Shadow Realm in Thor: Love and Thunder described as a dimension of infinite darkness, where no color exists.

Marvel clearly seems to be taking a very different route. Hilariously, the director of the movie, Taika Waititi, said that the shadow monsters were based on the drawings of his young daughter. He had asked her to draw sketches of various monsters that she felt were scary to children like her and they served as the basis for his visual effects team.

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