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One of NWH’s Best Scenes Improved By Sony Boss

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 28,2022

Over a month after its release, NWH is still the talk of the web. In part, this is due to Sony releasing official images of all three Spider-Men. Even though the studios were aware of their involvement for some time, they rarely promoted it.

The thrill of seeing Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in their Spider-Man outfits again was something that most fans never expected to feel. Three generations of wall-crawlers battling a near Sinister Six was an ultimate dream come true.

Many viewers were moved to tears when Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man intervened to save Zendaya’s MJ. Viewers were moved to tears by Garfield’s Peter as he was overcome by the success of his catch. This was something that didn’t sit well with Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Recently, an interview revealed that the fan-favorite moment was drastically altered from how it had previously been. This may have decreased its impact.

Spider-Man and MJ Get a Last-Minute Makeover

Peter Parker, MJ, Ned

Peter Parker, MJ, Ned

Tony Lamberti, the sound designer for Spider-Man: No Way Home, spoke to Variety about one of NWH’s best scenes in which Peter Parker saves Zendaya’s MJ. A comment made by Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman Tim Roth changed everything, according to Lamberti:

“It was scored with a giant choir, but when Tom Rothman, head of the studio saw the playback, he told the room and everyone involved that we were selling ourselves short by not making it a real catch-your-breath moment.”

Tom Rothman, the head of the studio, saw the playback and told the room and everyone involved that we were short changing ourselves by not making it a real catch-your-breath moment.

At the last minute, the team decided to listen to Rothman’s music and “turn[ed] it into a sound design moment.”

“We turned it into a sound design moment at the 11th hour… Andrew catches her and they come to the ground. They have their little emotional moment, and then it’s back into music.”

The Sound Design Saved Spider-Man

Three Spiderman in No Way Home

Three Spiderman in No Way Home

It’s amazing that such critical choices can be made so late in the game. Of course, there are times when playing the music loudly is the best option. On the other hand, it isn’t always the best solution. It’s safe to say that the film’s sound designers have improved and amplified one of its most memorable moments.

One of the best things about NWH’s score is how well the composers knew when to keep it quiet and when to keep it loud. Musical accompaniment can be subtle and soft to give viewers that sentimental added high while keeping the rest of the film from being overpowered.

Garfield’s first appearance in the MCU is perfectly complemented by the subtle The ASM theme that plays in the background. To the audience’s delight, it provides a sense of nostalgia while also allowing them to experience and focus on Peter’s sense of wonder.

Fan favorites are always when all three Spider-Men swing together, as seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Subtlety isn’t the answer in NWH’s best scene, and the sound designers were well aware of that. As a result, the film’s soundtrack, which was loud and upbeat, matched the epic nature of what was on screen.

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