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Owen Wilson Is All Set To Make A Comeback In Loki Season 2

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 12,2022

Loki is the only Marvel Studios live-action show on Disney+ that has been confirmed for a season 2 as of this writing. The multiverse-shattering adventure of Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief captivated audiences this past summer. It’s easy to focus on Jonathan Majors’ breakthrough role as He Who Remains in Loki. However, the show’s phenomenal supporting cast should not be overlooked.

It didn’t take long for viewers to fall in love with the cast of characters introduced in Season 1. As part of the Time Variance Authority, Mobius is tasked with finding and prosecuting time criminals.

Mobius has been rumored to return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as soon as this May. However, his MCU future has been confirmed to include at least one project.

Mobius’ Return In Loki Season 2



The jet ski is back in his hands. Actor Owen Wilson revealed to Wired that he will be returning for Season 2 of Loki:

“Is Owen Wilson coming back to Loki? Um… yes. He is coming back to Loki, and I think we’re going to begin filming that pretty soon. I had a great time working on Loki. I really enjoyed Tom Hiddleston and all the people on that [show].”

Reunion With The TVA

doctor strange

An example of a Time Door opened by a TemPad as seen in Loki on Disney+

Wilson’s reappearance isn’t much of a surprise, but his modest production update is.

“Pretty soon” is a vague term, but it does indicate that production will commence this year. Season 2 of Marvel’s Loki will shoot at Pinewood Studios near London later this summer. This makes it more probable that the TVA will be open for business soon after.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Sophia Di Martino, Wilson’s co-stars from Season 1, have already confirmed their return for Season 2. If Loki Season 2 follows Marvel Studios’ regular production schedule for streaming shows, it should be out somewhere in the third or fourth quarter of 2023.

Key Release Dates