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Page 3 Model Apollonia Llewellyn Shines In A Seductive Holiday Shot

By Alankar Nayak
December 29,2021

Apollonia Llewellyn, a stunning Page 3 model, has thrilled with a sensual Santa photo as she revealed her New Year’s intentions.

The blonde bombshell, who goes by the model name Barbi, looked stunning as she transformed into Mrs Claus for a sexy photo shoot. Apollonia, 22, cinched her curves into a red-and-white Santa-style bikini top with a red bow.

This was paired with matching trousers and a small black belt. The beauty wore a luminous foundation with a dash of bronzer, as well as smouldering smokey eye makeup. Meanwhile, her blonde locks were perfectly curled as they peeked out from beneath a Santa hat. The filming then progressed to a traditional-style Santa costume, which she wore while carrying a sack full of presents.

The stunning lady also wore knee-high white boots and accessorised with silver jewellery. Apollonia spent Christmas Eve in London with some friends before returning home for Christmas Day to spend time with her brothers and nephews.” My brother, Asa, will be celebrating his 26th birthday,” she explained, “so we always have a birthday celebration as well as Christmas.”

When asked if she spent Christmas with somebody special, Apollonia reveals she’s still looking for Mr Right. “There is no particular someone this Christmas because I’ve been so busy this year that I haven’t had time to hunt for love,” she explained. She did, however, suggest that “maybe next year” she’ll have someone to kiss beneath the mistletoe with. When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, Apollonia stated that she wishes to travel more, as long as Covid restrictions do not prevent her from doing so.

She also plans to buy her first home in 2022 and to “be the best version of herself” the following year. She appears to have a very exciting 2022 ahead of her!

Source: Daily Star

Instagram: Apollonia Llewellyn

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