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Palpatine makes a Return (Once Again) in The Bad Batch Season 2

By Abraham George
May 30,2022

What’s nice about Star Wars is that every trilogy, film, and television show has a dedicated following since the brand truly has something for everyone. Others are waiting for The Bad Batch Season 2 – the popular Clone Wars sequel series starring a battalion of clones with increased skills – with bated breath, just as they are for the latest blockbusters movies and live-action programmes.



Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, Echo, and Omega were taken on a cosmic journey with which premiered on Disney+ last summer to rave reviews. Dee Bradley Baker plays the whole primary characters, except Omega, who is actually a young female Clone portrayed by Michelle Ang, which is amusing because practically every character is a Clone.

After the Empire’s destruction of Kamino and Crosshair’s departure from Clone Force 99 to join the Empire, fans have been eagerly anticipating the second season. Star Wars Celebration has finally delivered the first significant news of the season with a new teaser, after a long wait.

In the premiere of The Bad Batch, Emperor Palpatine made a brief appearance with an animated recreation of his speech to the Senate in Revenge of the Sith, proclaiming the formation of the Empire. This address was delivered to the Clone army via hologram, although his appearance this time appears to be in person, implying a stronger role for the Empire leader this time.

Commander Cody is one of the most exciting characters returning for The Bad Batch. Cody remained faithful to his government by becoming a Stormtrooper after Order 66, and he’ll be making his first appearance since then. Cody and Crosshair appear to be together in the trailer, and both are believed to be serving the Empire at the time.

As the Rebellion emerges around the time of The Bad Batch, it only seems a matter of time before Clone Force 99 encounters the alliance, possibly assisting them in their struggle against the Empire. Only time will tell what direction Season 2 of The Bad Batch will take, but if the first season is any indicator, there will be plenty more shocks in store when the program comes to Disney+ this fall.