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Patrick Stewart’s Return Hints At Bigger Surprises In Doctor Strange 2

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 16,2022

If Doctor Strange 2 has Patrick Stewart’s return as Professor X, fans can expect even more from the film. After Marvel Studios’ NWH, Sam Raimi’s upcoming film appears to be another blockbuster filled with cameos. In terms of unexpected appearances by other Marvel characters. However, this time’s project, led by Benedict Cumberbatch, may even surpass its predecessor.

The first Doctor Strange 2 trailer has been released by Marvel Studios, kicking off the official marketing campaign for the film. The video had a lot of interesting snippets, but arguably the most exciting revelation was that of Charles Xavier’s involvement. If this is an obvious sign, the highly anticipated 2022 blockbuster will feature even more surprise cameos.

Professor X May Not Appear After All

Charles Xavier and Wolverine in 2017's Logan

Charles Xavier and Wolverine in 2017’s Logan

When it comes to its short- and long-term projects, Marvel Studios has become increasingly opaque. When it comes to promoting a new movie, it doesn’t really matter how little information they give away; fans will still go to see it. This could be a hint that Kevin Feige and the rest of the production team are reserving even more surprises for the May release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

This is a huge deal for the superhero community, given the adoration that Patrick Stewart enjoys. Indeed, he has been frequently asked to reprise his Marvel role in the MCU since Disney acquired Fox. Because his Logan tribute was so successful, Patrick Stewart’s return has always come with some reluctance.

So who else could it be in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness if Stewart’s Professor X doesn’t appear? According to various reports, the film may feature a number of surprise appearances. In the trailer, it appears Marvel Studios is creating its own version of the Illuminati. Reed Richards, if the team’s original roster is to be adapted, may be introduced to the franchise in Jon Watts’ upcoming Fantastic Four film.

Marvel Continues To Enjoy Experimenting

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Marvel Studios

For now, John Krasinski continues to be a popular choice for the role. Similar to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s main villain, Namor, Tenoch Huerta’s character could be introduced in the sequel. The Human Torch, played by Chris Evans, and Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, have also been rumored to be involved. Another possibility is that Tom Cruise will reprise his role as Iron Man since RDJ’s return to the role appears to be off the table at this time.

As a result of Doctor Strange 2’s plotline, Marvel Studios has the creative freedom to go all out with cameos. So, since the MCU sorcerers will be traveling through multiple universes, they can simply feature a string of different character variants—some played by their original actors. Meanwhile, others may have been played by a new one. Due to their absence from the Sacred Timeline, most of these characters will have no effect on the series’ ongoing narrative. This would allow Marvel to experiment with some outlandish casting and creative choices.

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