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Pedro Pascal Addresses His Stance On Wearing The Helmet In The Mandalorian

By Abraham George
April 22,2022

Star Pedro Pascal says he likes to wear his helmet as the Mandalorian, even though Din Djarin has broken the rule to never remove it. If you like Star Wars, the third season hasn’t come out on Disney+ yet. Pascal has been busy promoting his new movie, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, which opens in theaters on Friday. For his role in The Last of Us, an HBO show based on a popular video game.

Pascal is still getting asked about his most famous roles, like the Mandalorian, in the midst of all the excitement about both projects. In the show, Djarin doesn’t take off his helmet because his clan has very strict rules about not letting anyone else see his face. He has broken this rule many times on the show, though, even letting baby Grogu touch his face at the end of season 2. In The Book of Boba Fett, Djarin tells other members of his claim that he has broken the rules. The Armorer tells him that he is no longer a Mandalorian because of this. Djarin then goes on his own, but he helps Boba Fett while he does it. The Mandalorian’s story will continue in season 3, which is set to start this year.

Pedro Pascal Loves The Helmet

Pedro Pascal Teases The Mandalorian Season 3's Great Story

Pedro Pascal Teases The Mandalorian Season 3’s Great Story

To decide which is better, Pascal says that he likes the helmet on. Earlier this month, he sat down with Esquire to talk about a lot of memes and news stories about himself. One of them was a meme about his Game of Thrones character not wearing a helmet, which contrasted with the Mandalorian who always wore one. Then, Esquire asked, “Does Pascal wish he could have more Mandalorian scenes without the helmet?” Pascal said: “Yes, of course.”

“I mean, do you see how good I look in that outfit head to toe? The argument can be made that’s the best I’ve ever looked, so let’s just leave it.”

While Pascal’s response was a little funny; it also seems to disprove a lot of the rumors that the actor was leaving because he wanted more screen time. As of now, Disney hasn’t said anything about this, and Pascal is still going to be back in the third season. Because Pascal doesn’t seem to care about The Mandalorian; Star Wars fans can hopefully rest easy and know that Pascal will be there until something changes.

As for whether or not the Mandalorian wears the helmet, it’s like a story all on its own: Even though Din Djarin was thought to have been expelled from the clan, he kept wearing his helmet when he met Boba Fett. This shows that Djarin still has some connection to the old rules. There may be more to it in Season 3. Even if the Mandalorian has no creed, the helmet is still a big part of their costume and will always be a big part of their character.

Pedro Sided Rumors Of Parting The Helmet

Mando Bokatan and Ashoka

Din Djarin

It’s great that Pascal was very clear about not believing those rumors. They did seem a little silly, so it’s good that Pascal did that. In Season 2, Pascal had been able to spend more time in character as Djarin; because he had to film elsewhere during the first season of The Mandalorian. This has made it clear how important the physicality of being someone who hides their face is to the character. The Believer episode is a good example of how Pascal’s performance shows that Din only knows how to look; While communicating with people through hidden eyes. Even when he has to take off his helmet in the middle of a crisis, this shows how much of Din’s presencel; comes from that raised barrier between him and others.

Because Din hasn’t had a chance to think about the fact that the masked creed; which he’s known his whole life, is the result of being raised in Death Watch, Pascal is interesting. When he meets Bo-Katan and her Nite Owls they don’t talk about a homeworld that has been wiped out. Instead, they talk about a land that needs to be reclaimed by Mandalorians who are willing to share their unmasked identities; with each other and with people they don’t know. A lot more of Din’s people are out there than he thought; and they act in ways that are very different from how he was raised in his covert life.

Arguably, it should have had a much bigger effect on the person than it has. As of now, the show has not talked about Din’s reaction to Bo-Katan and her other Mandalorian friends at all. That’s a real shame. In other words, it looks like even if the show did come back; Din isn’t going to be very comfortable with the idea of taking his helmet off with friends, or in front of the person he’s with.