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Pedro Pascal Assures His Enthusiasm For A Mandalorian Movie

By Abraham George
May 31,2022

Pedro Pascal, who plays Din Djarin in the Mandalorian series, is eager for his own Star Wars film. Pascal told Variety that a cinematic adaptation centered on his helmeted hero seemed like an obvious direction for the character to go in.

“Do you not believe it is unavoidable? Personally, I have no notion, and I genuinely have no idea, but that would be a dream come true for me “Pascal remarked. “There’s no way any more dreams could come true! Maybe I’ve had enough.” While the actor is unsure whether a Mandalorian film will be made, he expresses his enthusiasm for the concept. “Going to the cinema is one of my favourite pastimes. One of the most important things to me is returning to the stage and being able to perform in front of an audience once more. All I can say is… please! if that happens with The Mandalorian!”

Pedro Pascal Teases The Mandalorian Season 3's Great Story

While a movie based on The Mandalorian has yet to be officially announced by Disney and Lucasfilm, Din Djarin will return for a third season of the blockbuster Disney+ show. Following the events of The Book of Boba Fett, the next volume in the Star Wars franchise will see the titular character embark on a voyage to Mandalore in search of redemption, according to footage revealed during Star Wars Celebration 2022. Mando, armed with the Darksaber, will presumably face up against Bo-Katan Kryze (Katie Sackhoff), who is seeking to retake the Mandalorian kingdom.

The Mandalorian’s first season premiered alongside Disney+ in 2019 to almost universal acclaim from fans and critics alike. Since its premiere, the show has only risen in popularity, and it is now the most-watched series on streaming sites. Din Djarin and Grogu’s voyage, which spans two seasons, has been watched for a total of 14.52 billion minutes at the time of writing.

Pascal has previously expressed his love for his Mandalorian role, claiming that the warrior’s beskar armor seems like an extension of himself. “To tell you the truth, the moment I put on the Mandalorian’s helmet is unforgettable,” Pascal stated. “It fits like a glove, like if it were a part of me, like the armour. It is not difficult for me to move around in and does not restrict me in any way. The garment just slightly affects my facial emotions.”