Pedro Pascal Reportedly Tried To Make Gina Carano Change Her Way Before She Got Fired

Last week Lucasfilm dropped a bombshell on Star Wars fans- that they had fired Gina Carano from the role of Cara Dune in Disney+ show The Mandalorian. Furthermore, they also confirmed that there weren’t any more plans for her in the Star Wars franchise. So the termination was swift and very final.

Her posts were called “abhorrent and unacceptable” by the studio. This came after repeated twitter campaigns from fans asking for her firing following some very questionable views on various marginalized people.

However, this wasn’t a sudden firing as Carano was given every chance possible to tone down her right-wing posts that were targeting marginalized communities. Now, it looks like one of the people trying to offer her a different perspective on such issues was co-star Pedro Pascal.

Pedro Pascal Tried To Reason With Gina Carano

Daniel Richtman, a noted insider and scooper shared on his personal Patreon that Pascal “tried really hard” to make Carano see some reason so that she would “change her ways.” But Carano wasn’t interested in his point-of-view at all.

While this is just a rumour but it does seem like Pascal would have tried to make someone see that their posts and behaviour were harming disadvantaged people. After all, he is known for being a caring person with a good personality. It also does seem like he did get through to her initially because she removed the anti-trans joke she made late last year.

The Incident With The Trans Community

Carano again came under fire for mocking the trans community for their use of pronouns in the bio. This is because for a brief period of time she added the words ‘beep/boop’ on her Twitter bio as a way to mock the use of pronouns by trans people. Now note that Pedro Pascal himself uses he/him pronouns in his Twitter bio in support of the trans community. In fact, he was supportive of his trans sister who came out recently.

Pedro and his sister Lux

However, there’s nothing that Gina Carano can do now. She has been dropped from the biggest franchise in the world and also by her agency following the firing. But Pedro Pascal is indeed coming back for Mandalorian season 3 that starts filming in April 2021.

Source: wegotthiscovered

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