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Phase 4’s Mistake May Be Fixed By Doctor Strange 2’s Cameos

By Mabel Judith Andrady
February 4,2022

A Phase 4 fatal mistake may be fixed by the upcoming Doctor Strange 2’s cameos. Marvel now has the opportunity to take full advantage of the long-teased Multiverse. This means there are virtually no limits to what they can do with the series in the future. It’s possible that the overarching storyline can connect the various films and the many series intended for Disney+. In addition, it could also canonize other Marvel movies and TV shows. This is similar to what No Way Home and Hawkeye did. The Multiverse can also answer some of the most pressing questions Marvel fans have contemplated since the beginning of the MCU’s existence.

Will MCU’s Multiverse Stay Consistent?

Doctor Strange in the multiverse

Doctor Strange in the multiverse

First introduced in Thor: The Dark World, the multiverse is the many parallel universes that hold great potential in the MCU. New dimensions, variants, and threats to the MCU’s main universe have already been hinted at in Doctor Strange’s sequel trailer. In addition to potentially filling the void left by Marvel’s Phase 4 multiverse show, WandaVision, this new series on Disney+ is hoped to carry on the story of alternate versions of Spider-Man from NWH.

After Phase 4 was announced, the most exciting aspect of What if…? was the variety of storylines it could explore. The animated format allowed Marvel to look at different scenarios in which the Avengers could find themselves that aren’t typical of the mainstream MCU, as well as non-canon stories discovering alternate universes. What If…?Its poor execution was one of Phase 4’s biggest mistakes so far.

With no real stakes and no compelling answers to the questions, MCU fans were actually asking, it became little more than fanciful fan fiction. These What If scenarios could be fulfilled if the MCU had a true Multiverse of Madness that allowed the MCU to explore alternate universes.

Learning From NWH’s Spider-Men Trick

The Three Spidermen

The Three Spidermen

Doctor Strange 2 offers a unique opportunity to use the creative license provided by alternate dimensions to answer some pressing questions. This is so given the high expectations for cameo appearances and the numerous theories speculating on how many and how eye-catching they will be after NWH’s 3 Spider-Men trick. Everything is on the table, as it should have been with What if…? What would the MCU have been like if Ghost Rider had been played by Tom Cruise instead of Nicholas Cage? Let’s take a look at how the X-Men could have fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It could also be the X-Men.

With a little bit of imagination, it’s entirely possible that the Multiverse has all the answers. These are real-world issues at stake. Real-world consequences, both in the MCU and the overarching franchise. In addition, Disney’s recent acquisitions will have no trouble adjusting to their new home in the multiverse.

Doctor Strange 2 has the potential to connect the MCU’s various universes. Furthermore, it also can connect to the various universes in which other Marvel characters live in Phase 4. Fox’s X-Men and Fantastic 4 could be included, as could more of Sony’s Spider-Verse. MCU Multiverse can use these character cameos as an easy solution for everything What If…? has failed to accomplish.

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