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Professor X And Reed Richards Cameos In Doctor Strange 2 Were Wasted

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 31,2022

How did Doctor Strange 2 make a mistake with Professor X and Reed Richards cameos? There were many reasons why the second Doctor Strange film was so hotly anticipated in 2013. The multiverse of Madness was eagerly anticipated by fans who had grown accustomed to Spider-Man: No Way Home’s success and the belief that it would serve as a direct sequel to the film. Even though Loki’s multiversal rules had been established in the film, some fans had a suspicion that the film would be a bridge to a few new shows on Disney+ as well as the integration of other Marvel properties that had heretofore been separated from the MCU.

However, Multiverse of Madness delivers on that expectation in a big way. The Illuminati were confirmed to appear in the weeks immediately prior to the film’s release after months of speculation. but the exact make-up of their roster remained a mystery until the film’s theatrical release. First, there was the trailer, which featured Patrick Stewart’s voice, which confirmed Professor X’s arrival and was an early sign that Marvel Comics’ secret cabal would be making appearances in the MCU. Reed Richards also made his cameo to the delight and in service to stalwart fans. For the first time in decades, the great Marvel houses came together, only to be wasted.

Pursuing America Chavez

America Chavez

America Chavez

One of the Scarlet Witch’s transdimensional lackeys is pursuing America Chavez in order to steal her authority for herself as the Multiverse of Madness begins. With her portal-opening powers, the dark witch hoped to steal her Spellborn children from another existence, kill their mother, and take her place in power. She decided to use these powers on a long-term basis, not just to travel to a specific dimension where she could use them to mine assets for any challenges she might face. When Chavez met Doctor Strange from the Sacred Timeline, the two of them set out to find a way to weaken their pursuers by fleeing across multiple universes and dimensions.

It wasn’t long before they arrived on Earth 838, a world that had swapped the functions of red and green, memories could be retrieved and put on display in public holograms, and their brightest scientists had been briefed on the complexities of multiversal dynamics. While cuffed and assumedly magically neutered, they are brought before the Illuminati of 838 by the Illuminati of 838 in 838 Even as Strange is learning about Captain Carter and Captain Marvel, he realizes that they have the same abilities that have been granted to people who exist in a parallel universe. Strange has been replaced as Sorcerer Supreme by Mordo, and Black Bolt, the Inhuman king who is notoriously silent, sits mutely in acknowledgement. When it comes to these four characters, Black Bolt, presumably a newcomer, is given a separate treatment from the others.

Avoiding Some Original Backstories

Professor X's Dark Side Could Be Explored In The MCU

Reed Richards and Professor X are two of the most significant members of the Illuminati in the MCU. When Mordo introduced Richards as the world’s smartest man, only Shuri and Tony Stark could have a hope of matching his level of intellect. Like his comic book counterpart, much of the sophisticated tech it seemed so prevalent in this world may have been the result of his research and patents. The Fantastic Four are often called Marvel’s First Family because of their long-term impact and quantifiable impact on our universe. It was through Richards’ diplomacy on Earth’s behalf that the planet became a source of admiration or dread for other civilizations, such as the Skrulls.

The MCU’s first appearance of a mutant is Professor X. When confronted with the sheer magnitude of that, it’s difficult to focus on anything else because the delivery itself was so underwhelming. As the most potent psychic head on Earth, Xavier is also an activist for civil rights, which is unusual for a person who isn’t the Phoenix. Students at His School for Gifted Youngsters are taught in a safe environment where they can develop their abilities without fear of becoming a danger to themselves or others. The school was created to bridge the gap between mutants and humans. In the same way that The Batman avoided the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Multiverse of Madness may have avoided this part of his origin. Some crucial clunky exposition facets are baked into underexplored communal knowledge because viewers are so familiar with these characters.

Shifting Narratives

Scarlet Witch's MCU Return: Will Wanda Make A Comeback Soon?

In this case, ignoring it is a problem because mutants have never occurred in the Sacred Timeline thus far. Since Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox’s film and tv entertainment experience, integrating their existence into the fold has become one of the most searched fusions Professor X and Reed Richards both represent previously unexplored facets of the Marvel canon. Richards has a reputation for genius, resourcefulness, and bravery throughout the galaxy. He is Earth’s primary mind. Xavier is an exemplar for a large section of the population that depicts a richer, more complicated world that is filled with fear, resentment, and hatred. The rift between mutants and humans has historically impacted a wide range of global cultural, social, political, economic, and religious practices that distinguish Earth from every other planet with intelligent life.

Many Marvel films are more than two hours long, so there is some leeway in emphasizing effect over substance, but in the past other Marvel movies have done a great job of balancing the two. As soon as they’ve decided to ignore them, the unforgivable happens. They’re all killed in the most nonchalantly brutal way possible, which goes against everything they stand for as members of a team capable of defeating Thanos! To make matters worse, Richards’ notoriety for brilliance was severely tarnished as he stood there helplessly as his body began to unravel into fleshy threads as the Scarlet Witch approached. In the face of Wanda’s utter destruction of Xavier’s mind, his mental fortitude is so pitiful that he offers no resistance at all.

In order to highlight how potent she had become, the film played on the unique qualities of these two heroic role models. Similar changes were controversially made in the Star Wars sequels in an attempt to shift the narrative focus to the next generation of Imperial resistance by turning Luke Skywalker into something he couldn’t recognize himself. A character’s ability to save his friends and family from a threat he alone could handle was used to portray a man who had lost all faith in humanity and was content to give up on the idea of saving the world. When Multiverse of Madness elevates Scarlet Witch over two of nerd culture’s most revered figures, it does so without properly infusing their gravitas and nuance.

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