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Professor X’s Dark Side Could Be Explored In The MCU

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 8,2022

Fans know Professor X’s character that has appeared in FOX’s X-Men films. However, he has a dark side that could be explored in Doctor Strange and beyond. The mutants have finally arrived home after a long wait. In the MCU’s X-Men, some previously seen characters will get a new look thanks to the inclusion of Ursa Major. However, there aren’t many details on how the mutants will be introduced into the franchise.

Professor X In The Illuminati

Patrick Stewart as Professor X

Patrick Stewart as Professor X

Professor Xavier has always been a highlight of the X-Men franchise, whether in the original movies or in the X-Men: First Class timeline. Many people consider Patrick Stewart’s and James McAvoy’s Xavier portrayals to be some of the best comic book character adaptations ever made for the big screen. Professor Xavier’s return to the Illuminati has been hinted at by Doctor Strange 2. However, it’s also possible that James McAvoy’s portrayal of Charles Xavier will have a cameo as well.

Doctor Strange 2 will take a closer look at Charles Xavier’s morally dubious decisions while in charge of the Xavier school, his mysterious relationship with SHIELD, and his involvement with the Illuminati. People who don’t like Xavier go so far as to call him the actual villain in some comic book events. Other than Wolfman in The Last Stand and the Phoenix in Dark Phoenix, none of the live-action characters have ever called into question Professor X’s authority. Charles has been portrayed as a benevolent leader in the Fox films, and the more ambiguous moments have been avoided.

Professor X’s Dark Side Does Not Make Him A Villain

Doctor Strange 2’s Professor X Reveal Hints At Bigger Surprises

Doctor Strange 2’s Professor X

Many of Xavier’s decisions are morally questionable. However, he is not a villain in the same way as Magneto or the members of the Brotherhood. Xavier kept a lot of information from the X-Men and even erased some of their memories to keep them in the dark. Another example of Professor X’s recklessness was the original Krakoa mission, where a group of untrained recruits were sent. In the Ultimate universe, where Xavier was always the bad guy, that kind of behavior was even more pronounced. For inspiration on the Illuminati, House of X also played with the idea of Professor X’s dark side.

With two separate X-Men timelines, it’s not clear whether Patrick Stewart will be returning to the role of Professor Xavier. However, with so many possibilities, he could be returning to an entirely new version. Charles Xavier’s death in Logan can be explained away as a result of a different timeline. Consequently, this would avoid any awkwardness that might arise in the future. For the MCU, it doesn’t matter if Patrick Stewart is meant to be the character’s current iteration or not. The suggestion that Professor X’s dark side and plans should not be followed mindlessly is something that can be explored. Doctor Strange 2 provides the perfect introduction for the MCU to explore the many facets of Professor X and the X-Men.

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