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Putin Calls In The “Butcher Of Syria” To Support Russia In Battle With East

By Abraham George
April 10,2022

Thousands of Russian servicemen were dispatched to their deaths during the first six weeks of Moscow’s incursion into eastern Ukraine, and dozens of tanks in Russia were destroyed. The Kremlin has given orders to Captain General Aleksandr Dvornikov, called the “Butcher of Syria,” to conquer the entire eastern Donbas region of Ukraine. The Russian operation in the Middle East that helped Bashar al-Assad defeat his opponents in the civil war was overseen by Dvornikov from 2016 to 2017.

While chemical weapons and indiscriminate aerial attacks were deployed, thousands of innocent people perished. At least 52 civilians fleeing the west were killed in a missile hit on Kramatorsk railway station on Friday, which is thought to have been ordered by the 60-year-old general. His battlefield intelligence is widely valued by Western generals, and he is considered to be familiar with the Donbas theater of war, where pro-Russia insurgents have been fighting Ukrainian government forces since 2014.

Captain General Aleksandr Dvornikov, dubbed by some as the 'Butcher of Syria', has been ordered by the Kremlin to seize the whole of Ukraine's eastern Donbas

Captain General Aleksandr Dvornikov, dubbed by some as the ‘Butcher of Syria’, has been ordered by the Kremlin to seize the whole of Ukraine’s eastern Donbas.

Russian President Vladimir Putin assigned Dvornikov the additional task of supervising the Black Sea as well as the Crimean Peninsula, which was annexed by the country in 2014. According to the British Ministry of Defense, Putin’s goal is to establish a land connection between Russia and Crimea. However, substantial Ukrainian resistance is preventing this from happening. NATO leaders have established a database of his achievements and tactical preferences in an effort to forecast his decision-making in the coming weeks, and he has gained a reputation for ruthlessness over the years. Vladimir Putin may not be pleased with him, according to officials. “It is difficult to see how Russia succeeds unless the Russian army becomes much more effective,” one stated.

To commemorate Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War II and the end of the conflict in Europe on May 9, reports claim Putin intends to seize enough of Ukraine with his army by then. Nevertheless, despite the overwhelming odds, the Ukrainian army has managed to repel the Kremlin’s soldiers from numerous regions of the country, although suffering terrible losses in the process. Given Russia’s current state of weakness, many question whether Moscow will be able to maintain control of major Ukrainian regions against insurgencies and military counterattacks for very long. Since the assault began on February 24, Ukraine’s defense ministry claims that 19,000 of its soldiers have been dead. At least six Russian generals and nine senior commanders have been killed in the conflict.

Hundreds of thousands of Russian troops have left the Kyiv region in recent days to be stationed elsewhere. Some of the Russian military units that have fled the area around Kyiv in recent days have been so badly damaged and depleted that their combat value is in question, according to a senior US defense official.

Residents walk through the destruction of the once rebel-held Salaheddine neighborhood in the eastern Aleppo, Syria

Residents walk through the destruction of the once rebel-held Salaheddine neighborhood in eastern Aleppo, Syria.

According to some observers, the emphasis on the Donbas and the commitment to de-escalate the situation are essentially attempts to present reality in a more positive light. Despite tremendous losses, Moscow’s ground forces have been unable to seize the capital and other important cities. Dvornikov was born in 1961 and began his military career at the Soviet Military School in 1978. He completed his formal education in 1982 by attending the Moscow High Command Training School.

Following his graduation from the Military Academy of the General Staff, he served in a number of high-ranking roles in both the Soviet and Russian armies. The 5th Red Banner Army was his first command before he was promoted to deputy commander of the Eastern Military District and subsequently chief of staff of the Central Military District. When Moscow’s military intervention in Syria began in September 2015, he was named the first Russian military commander in Syria. He assumed leadership of the campaign there in 2016. Following an appeal from the Assad-led Syrian government, Russia intervened to assist destroy the country’s rebels. They used a merciless programme of air attacks to help the government retake substantial territory.

In addition, thousands of fighters were also killed. As a result of Russia’s activities, the United States and its allies have accused Russia of being complicit in war crimes committed by Syrian President Bashar al Assad. Russia, like Ukraine, has brushed off claims of this nature. Having taken command of Russia’s Southern Military District, Dvornikov is now focusing on retaking Ukraine’s Donbas region from pro-Russian separatists.

As evacuees from a devastating rocket strike on a railway station in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine, were being transported to a church on Saturday morning, news of his appointment broke. After a missile strike killed 52 people at a train station in eastern Ukraine where civilians had congregated to avoid an anticipated Russian onslaught, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for a ‘strong global response’ overnight. The missile strike on Friday that killed five children was described as “another Russian war crime” by Zelensky in a video message. Zelensky promised that “everyone involved” would be held accountable.