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Putin May Go To Show How Serious Russia Is Against NATO In Europe

By Abraham George
May 6,2022

According to a senior Russian TV war correspondent, Vladimir Putin would soon have ‘no way back’ but to fire nuclear weapons on Ukraine. To terrify NATO, Alexander Sladkov recommended the use of an atomic weapon to create “a hole the size of several regions.” A Russian military campaign in Ukraine aims to “liberate” the country from the control of “neoNazis,” despite the fact that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is Jewish and far-right politicians have little support in Ukraine.

According to war reporter and “propagandist” Sladkov, the time may be nearing for a “last resort” due to approximately 40 countries arming Ukraine with weapons that are being used against Russians, he informed his 730,000 followers. When Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, the Russian president Putin raised the alert level for his country’s nuclear arsenals and left them there. Russia’s president has also made vague threats to use its tactical nuclear weapons, which, according to Russian military doctrine, can be used as a last resort to force an adversary to retreat, in light of the growing support the West is giving Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin will soon have 'no way back' but to unleash nuclear weapons on Ukraine

Vladimir Putin will soon have ‘no way back’ but to unleash nuclear weapons on Ukraine

When discussing nuclear weapons, ‘Russia has a lot to say,’ Sladkov wrote. A solution to Ukraine’s problems is in our hands. There are many options, yet we keep hearing about nuclear weapons as a final resort. As long as 40 countries keep funding and arming the Ukrainian neoNazis, we’ll be stuck here.’ He went on to say: They used nuclear weapons in Japan as a show of force. Putin must therefore demonstrate this in Ukraine if it is to be resolved without further confrontation with the 40 countries mentioned. To demonstrate the seriousness of Russia’s request to NATO, a crater the size of several regions will be created. ‘However, where will Ukraine be in the future?’ As it is now, with the exception that Russia will benefit from a faster and more affordable route. In the eyes of the Europeans and Americans, there is no reason why a neighbouring country with such a massive nuclear arsenal should be subjected to harassment.

Think about how readily the US used nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and nearly deployed them at Dien Bien Phu in 1954,’ he said, alluding to a US plan to use nuclear weapons to rescue French forces besieged there. As Sladkov noted, “The Americans show us that anything is possible.” And we’re learning as we go along, too. Nothing here is going to make things any easier for Ukraine. There has been a constant stream of sabre-rattling on Russian official television in support of Vladimir Putin in deployment of force against Ukraine since the conflict began.

Russian propagandist Alexander Sladkov advocated dropping an atomic bomb

Russian propagandist Alexander Sladkov advocated dropping an atomic bomb

Media in Russia have urged Vladimir Putin to wipe Great Britain off the map with a nuclear bomb-triggered tidal wave on Sunday night, according to the Kremlin website. He used his broadcast to urge for strikes on Britain with a Poseidon underwater drone, which he claimed would cause a 1,600ft radioactive tidal wave and ‘plunge Britain to the depths of the ocean.'” After the UK’s armed forces minister backed Ukrainian strikes on Russian infrastructure, Russian state TV mocked Putin’s hypothetical nuclear strike on three European capitals, stating there would be “no survivors.” This was in response to Putin’s mock nuclear strike.