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Questions Still Open After Ms. Marvel Season 1

By Romesh Khatri
July 22,2022

Ms. Marvel opened with good reception. After the hangover from infinity wars saga and similar movies from phase 4, this new series is a breath of fresh air. The audience appreciated new visual storytelling and a proper origins story with a personal family theme. Also, the casting of Iman Vellani has been on point, even compared to Robert Downey Jr, who played Tony Stark to inch perfection.

The season touched on Kamala’s origin, her fight with clandestines from the Noor Dimension, her quest to find her great grandmother, and becoming a superhero. But after the season, there are still some open questions we don’t have answers to.

Why were the clandestine exiled?


The show discussed little the clandestines in the series. We learn that they came from the Noor dimension and age slowly. But nothing else apart from that.

Why were they exiled from their home? And what powers do they have? We see them making weapons out of thin air. And Najma transfers her powers to Kamran.

Another question is how Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha knew about the devastation caused by opening the veil? Did she see something when she wore the bangle in episode 3?

What will be the fate of Kamran?


In the last episode, Kamran learns about her mother’s death and gets taken over by the dark side. But Kamala reasons with him and sends him away to Red Daggers to hide.

We still don’t know Kamran’s origins. Is he a clandestines or human? If he’s a human, then who’s the father?

In the end, Kamran meets Kareem in Karachi. He looks to be going on a good path, but there is a tension that he can still sway to wrongdoings. We can hope the next season gives more information on his background and what powers he possesses.

Will Kamala become Avenger or X-men?

Ms. Marvel Mutant

Ms. Marvel Mutant

In the pre-credit scene, we are hinted that Kamala might be a mutant after all. But it’s still not confirmed. In the comics, she comes from an inhuman lineage.

With the upcoming movie Marvels, Kamala looks to team up with her idol, Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau. So, the question will remain open till then. Will Kamala eventually become the Avenger that she always wanted? Or will x-men will come out till then, and Professor Xavier can persuade her to join them?

Will she meet spiderman?

Spiderman and Ms marvel

Kamala has teamed up with big heroes since her debut in the 2013 comics. But the best mentorship she gets is actually from the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. 

Peter himself came from the streets of New York, not far away from Kamala’s Jersey City. Even though he is a big superhero, he often has to deal with the ground realities of family and relationships. Something that Kamala still needs to master.

A question remains, if she meets spiderman in MCU, then which spiderman will it be? Will it be Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, or could it be Miles Morales, mentioned previously in the MCU Spiderman movies?


Every MCU TV show has impacted the MCU general story at large. Wandavision resulted in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Loki has set Kang the conqueror as the new big villain. Falcona and winter soldier gave us the new Captain America.

Ms. Marvel looks to have the same effect. She is said to return in the marvels with Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau on the big screen. But there are a lot of stories left in Kamala’s world. 

We still need to know what lies in the future for Bruno, Nakia, Kamran, and the khans. It’s difficult that they will be part of the Marvels. Therefore, ms marvel should get a second season to clear some questions it has left open and give us more Kamala. Maybe one day she can get her solo movie.

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