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Ra And Zeus Are 2 New Marvel Characters As Mighty As Odin

By Mabel Judith Andrady
April 24,2022

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduces two new gods, Moon Knight and Thor: Love and Thunder. Prior to Thor: Ragnarok, Odin’s rule extended across the nine realms of the universe. This included the Frost Giants’ Jotunheim and more familiar places such as Midgard, also known as “Earth.” New MCU films and shows are only just beginning to introduce entire pantheons of gods from different cultures to the MCU, making it appear even larger than the Infinity Saga made it appear.

MCU’s divine hierarchy appears to be distinct from real-world mythology because of the introduction of the Eternals and Celestials. Phase 4, on the other hand, continues to demonstrate just how vast the MCU really is. When Thor: Love and Thunder comes out, we’ll finally get to see the Greek gods in action, which have been absent from the MCU until now.

Who Would Win if Ra and Zeus Fought?

Russell Crowe as Zeus in a still from the Teaser


When Khonshu, the Egyptian Moon God, appeared as avatars like Marc Spector and Arthur Harrow, he was a rogue god who interacted with humanity through the Moon Knights. Nonetheless, he isn’t the only Egyptian deity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Gods such as Horus and Hathor use human avatars, and Taweret was introduced in her original hippo-headed form in Moon Knight episode 4. This suggests that Ra, the god of the Egyptians, may still exist somewhere in the universe. The Greek pantheon will be introduced in Thor: Love and Thunder, with Zeus himself serving as a guide through the destruction of gods by Gorr the God Butcher. Both Ra and Zeus, like Odin, are revered for their long history and immense power in their respective mythologies.

As the god of the sun in Egyptian mythology, Ra also serves as the god of life and the universe. Zeus, the god of thunder and the sky in Greek mythology, is referred to as Zeus. King and ruler of their respective pantheon, they have the power to punish any god or mortal who would dare to disobey their orders. Unlike Zeus, Ra has the ability to harness the sun’s power and merge with other gods, such as Amun and Atum, as well as create new gods.

Love And Thunder In Danger?

Thor_ Love And Thunder_ How Powerful Will Zeus Be Compared To Odin_


Unlike the Moon God and his Moon Knights, Ra can only wage war on Khonshu through a human avatar known as the “Sun King” in Marvel comics. He has participated in numerous wars and defeated enemies as powerful as the Hulk, who is completely humiliated by the Olympian god in battle. Zeus is not constrained by his physical form. While a real-world fight between Ra and Zeus could favour Ra, a fight between these gods in the MCU is likely to favour Zeus. If you’ve read any Marvel comics, you know that Atum Ra can transform himself into the Demogorge, a nearly unbeatable demonic entity capable of devouring any god.

Not even the mightiest of gods is impenetrable. Ra and Zeus in the MCU may not have the same good fortune as Odin, who died peacefully before Hela arrived to destroy Asgard. With villains like Arthur Harrow, Gorr the God Butcher, and Kang the Conqueror from Thor: Love and Thunder, the multiverse as a whole are in danger from evil forces like these. When Gorr the God Butcher slays Zeus, Ra, and other gods, their legacy will live on through new godlike individuals like Sun King, Moon Knight, and Hercules in the MCU Phase 4.

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