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Ravonna Renslayer Easter Egg Ties MCU & Comics Multiverse Canon

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 25,2022

Throughout his rise to super-villainy, Kang the Conqueror relied on Ravonna Renslayer for support. Loki’s Renslayer may have appeared in the comic book world, as the TVA leader was witnessed in a display of Kang the Conqueror’s recently finished miniseries. So is Ravonna in Loki comics canon? It certainly appears to be a possibility.

The time-traveling villain Kang the Conqueror is one of Marvel’s all-time great villains, having fought the Avengers in some of their earliest battles. Originally introduced in The Avengers #8 as Kang, his tragic backstory was later revealed in subsequent issues.

Ravonna Renslayer In The Comics

Ravonna In Loki Series

Ravonna In Loki Series

Following her debut in Avengers #23, Ravonna Renslayer, daughter of a 40th-century king whose civilization was the last to be conquered, would die in Kang’s arms one issue later. Ravonna would go on to appear in a slew of different guises in the comics over the years. Renslayer would also be making her live-action TV debut in Loki as a TVA high-ranking judge. With a recent easter egg, Marvel Comics appears to be connecting the comic and MCU worlds.

When Kang the Conqueror #5’s Jason Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Carlos Magno, Espn Grundetjern, and VC’s Joe Caramagna tried to bring his version of his long-lost loved back to life, he encountered many versions of Ravonna Renslayer, one of whom might have been a character from the Loki streaming series on Disney+.

Could this be the MCU Ravonna? (Kang the Conqueror #5) from Marvel

To his surprise, he encounters Ravonna 3423rd variant, with “her own mastery of time.” This comment is in line with her position of power and authority within Loki’s Time Variance Authority. Also, Ravonna’s appearance and attire are similar to that of the character in the streaming series.

What about Kang’s encounter with the Ravonna, who could be from the Loki series, being considered canon? Maybe in a comic book universe. Possibly? No. Because readers have no idea which Ravonna timeline or variant they’re looking at, this encounter is more of a nod to Loki than anything else for them.

There is a variation in Loki, and Ravonna is one as well. So, it’s possible that this is a variation on that theme. It’s an amusing Easter egg to see Ravonna Renslayer resembling Loki meet Kang the Conqueror’s version. This suggests a possible future team-up between the two MCU characters.

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