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Reddit Theory Spills About Wanda Holding Strange As Hostage In Sequel

By Abraham George
February 17,2022

Elizabeth Olsen returns to the MCU following the events of WandaVision in the upcoming Benedict Cumberbatch-led sequel. Although little is known about their dynamic in the film, the recently released Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer suggests that they will be at odds. In a theory that has been said to have been realised, Doctor Strange has been captured by Scarlet Witch.

Several of the franchise’s founding heroes are no longer active in the universe. The franchise either introduced new characters or placed a greater emphasis on established characters such as Wanda Maximoff.

WandaVision, the critically acclaimed film, focused on her coping with the traumatic experiences that have shaped her life. While the Disney+ series concluded with her on the path to her form of counseling by secluding herself, that does not appear to be the case going forward, based on what has been revealed about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness thus far.

Doctor Strange 2 will follow up on the events of the previous MCU film, Spider-Man: No Way Home, as well as from the conclusion of the Disney+ series WandaVision. Doctor Strange casts a spell to aid Peter Parker in the film No Way Home, but the spell goes awry, resulting in the creation of the multiverse. Strange eventually makes it right, but the chaos it caused will be addressed in Doctor Strange 2.

Leak Points Out At Strange Being Hostage

Marvel Studios launched its marketing campaign for the Sam Raimi-directed MCU film during Super Bowl LVI. Numerous Easter eggs were hidden in Doctor Strange’s Multiverse of Madness clip.

Scarlet Witch, from the WandaVision series, will return to the MCU, as hinted at in the sequel’s teaser and trailer. When the multiverse’s madness began, Doctor Strange sought assistance from Scarlet Witch and inquired about her knowledge of the multiverse. The recently released trailer reveals little about the relationship between Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange in the film’s premiere.

Strange and Wanda have a conversation in the woods, where they appear to be discussing their respective multiverse concepts. This scene was included as a post-credits scene in the Spider-Man: No Way Home film. The scene implied that Strange, facing difficulties, seeks assistance from Wanda, and Wanda does respond with whatever knowledge she possesses, which was interpreted as her helping Strange and siding with him.

However, the interactions between Doctor Strange and Wanda were arguably some of the most interesting parts of the film. At one point, the pair is having a routine conversation in the woods about the multiverse concept.

However, as Reddit user u/LongjumpingTrainer38 points out, this conversation is an illusion, as it is identical to the one in which Wanda is dressed as the Scarlet Witch, chastising Doctor Strange for also breaking the rules. This indicates that Wanda was able to apprehend the sorcerer and imprison him in this mirage.

Wanda encouters Strange

Wanda encounters Strange In The Trailer Of Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness

This isn’t the first time she’s used this particular ability; in fact, it’s Wanda’s oldest superpower in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Wanda’s Path To Destruction

The Classic Raimi Zoom In With Wanda

The Classic Raimi Zoom In With Wanda

When she first appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron, she cast a spell on Tony Stark, causing Iron Man to experience increased fear of an unknown threat.

This pushed Tony to bring Jarvis, in the form of Vision, into the MCU and introduce his Ultron legion. Eventually, Wanda was able to convince the remaining members of the original Avengers, except Hawkeye, to submit to her illusions. It was a long-forgotten secret of hers until Marvel Studios reintroduced it in WandaVision.

However, while she has long possessed this ability, it is significantly more dangerous this time around for a variety of reasons. To begin, Wanda has been utilizing dark magic , as she continues to study the Darkhold.

Second, no one is really stopping her from becoming completely evil at this point. Vision and their children have already been taken from her. Without an ally to guide her back to the good side, she was free to embrace her dark side completely.

Scarlet Witch’s exact route to Doctor Strange is unknown. However, it is possible that the sorcerer’s interference in Spider-Man: No Way Home tipped her off. According to her line in the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer, she is incensed that she was cast as a villain for breaking the rules, while Doctor Strange was lauded as a hero for doing so.

Will Wanda Find Her Revenge?

Photon or Captain Marvel

Wanda battles an unknown figure in the trailer

The Teaser, Trailer and the TV Spot had new and different footage that was very much crucial to how we interpret the movie to be. What Marvel wants us to understand and discuss is about Strange and Wanda and nothing else. This movie is entirely that culmination arc for Wanda, who will either subdue or submit at the end of this movie.

Wanda has been a character who suffered at every point in the MCU. She lost her parents in an attack. She lost her twin brother, Quicksilver In Age of Ultron. And now she has lost her only love Vision and her two kids. From a psychological standpoint, she is at a point where the rules don’t matter to her anymore. She heard the voices of her kids that really did affect her mental state. Now, Wanda has gone evil and is desperate as any mother to see her kids once again.

The show, Wandavision, gave an opportunity for Marvel to take a new turn into the MCU that was much contained within the cast from the beginning till the end. No new surprises were brought at the end of the show.

Will Wanda find revenge, we may never know unless the next TV spot or a whole new trailer for the movie. What we can expect in the next trailer will be more that sets the base for what we need to know before entering the theatre. Marvel doesn’t want us to struggle with comprehending their complex plots.

All we know is that the background for that very frame tells us a lot yet less.

The world will know the answer when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness releases in theatres, May 6th 2022.

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