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Rehire Gina Carano Petition Gains Traction With 50K Signatures

By Kunal Sharma
February 19,2021

Gina Carano was fired last week by Lucasfilm for posting abhorrent things against disadvantaged communities. She mocked the transgender community for their use of pronouns and if that wasn’t enough, compared the plight of Republicans in the US with that of the Jews during the Holocaust. As such, Lucasfilm terminated her contract and fired her without any plans for her to star again in the Star Wars franchise.

But The Mandalorian and Star Wars fans have launched a new petition that basically asks Disney to rehire the fired actress again. Just like Carano’s firing was wanted by many with #FireGinaCarano trending on Twitter the day before she was fired, her rehiring petition has been gaining traction as well.

Why Do People Want Gina Carano Back?

The firing announcement basically came as a huge shock even though there were Twitter campaigns advocating her firing. From political figures to her fans, and everyone else from the far-right political corner came together to condemn the firing. After all, Carano has been a huge vocal advocate of Republican values for long.

Many blamed cancel culture for her firing and came to her aid. But cancel culture can’t really be blamed for what happened with Carano. Her posts, likes, and shares during the pandemic and election results, all contributed to the scandal that has surrounded the actress since she came to the limelight with the show. But Disney didn’t fire her right away. It must be said that the company was silent for long.

According to Carano, the big mouse wrote up an apology for her to publish as well, but the actress refused to use their words. Another section of people who want her back believes that an actor’s political views shouldn’t influence their career. Not to mention that many simply don’t want to say goodbye to her character Cara Dune.

Petition To Hire Carano Back

Mandalorian fans have launched a petition to hire the actress back and it is gaining traction as it has reached 50K signatures within a week already. Of course, history has proved that such petitions don’t really have an effect on what decisions the studio takes. But if you still want to show your support then head on to for sure.