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Rhian Sugden Shows Off Her Stunning Curves In Pale Blue Bikini

By Alankar Nayak
November 10,2021

Rhian Sugden looked stunning as she slid into blue lace lingerie for her new sexy Instagram snap, which she uploaded on Tuesday. The model, 35, exuded confidence as she posed for the camera, captioning her photo, ‘Won’t be able to go about like this for much longer,’ as she recognized the cool temperature.

Rhian proudly displayed her fantastic physique in the busty pale blue two-piece with lovely daisy trim. ‘Daisy me rollin’… they hating,’ she captioned her image. ‘I won’t be able to walk about like this for much longer… it’s becoming cold.’ Rhian’s provocative picture comes after she and Megan McKenna called for Steve Allen to be fired from LBC radio after making shocking ‘chubby’ comments about Tilly Ramsay.

Rhian Sugden

Rhian labeled the radio host, 67, a ‘professional bully’ on social media last month, recalling all the ‘vile’ things he’s said about her over the years. Meanwhile, Megan posted footage from Steve’s radio show on her Instagram, where she received much attention.

Meanwhile, Megan posted snippets from Steve’s radio show on Instagram, in which he labeled her “ugly,” with the former TOWIE star encouraging everyone to “be kind.”
Steve made headlines last month after calling Strictly Come to Dancing’s Tilly Ramsay, 19, ‘chubby’ in an offensive outburst, to which she responded by admitting the awful insults had ‘damaged’ her.

Rhian Sugden

Rhian shared her own experience, describing how the radio star had been ‘vile’ to her over the years, leaving her in floods of sorrow as she listened to her bashing her on the radio. ‘Completely agree about Steve Allen needing to be canceled,’ she wrote. On LBC, he’s been VILE to me for years. Several times.

‘Mocking my job, mocking me as a person, calling me a “dreary washed out old woman” and a “waste of breath.” In response to a historical tweet from a Twitter user criticizing him for his statements in the aftermath of Caroline Flack’s death, Rhian said, ‘I even tried to phone up the program after being in tears in the back of an Uber.’

‘I’m listening to him slam me live on the air. Others were aware of his behavior, but he was just allowed to continue inflicting harm on others for the sake of amusement.’ When one Twitter user questioned, ‘Why does he even have an issue with you?’ ‘What in the world have you done in your life or work to offend that heinous man?’

Rhian Sugden

‘Good question,’ Rhian said quickly. I’ve never even met him.’ After uploading her message on Instagram, Rhian responded to followers who told her to disregard the trolls, calling out the ‘victim-blaming attitude.’ ‘Also, please don’t contact me saying – you should just ignore the haters and bully’s and all those people that are awful to you daily, you’re giving them the attention they crave,’ she wrote.

Rhian Sugden

‘Please don’t tell me how I should respond to the abuse I’m subjected to. It’s a victim-blaming mindset.’It bothers and upsets me. It’s inappropriate. I’ll call people out on it if I want to.’ The glamour model tried to ‘lighten the mood by posting a hot photo of herself in her very nice under very with Rhian looking stunning in a busty pink bodysuit.

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