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Eternals: Ikaris Next Marvel Return Might Be Leaked In A Tik Tok Video

By Prathamesh Athavale
February 3,2022

Marvel released two of its best movies in 2021, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Eternals. No way Home was an instant hit all over the world. Some fans may say that Eternals underperformed, but the movie still delivered a ton of amazing content. Chloe Zhao’s direction and castings such as Richard Madden’s Ikaris and Gemma Chan’s Sersi have made their place in the MCU.

Eternal’s biggest plot twist, Ikaris’ betrayal, is still a hot topic among fans. It shows how powerful and threatening these superheroes can become if they are turned on the wrong side. Ikaris showed his real motives and went against his family to complete the resurgence on Earth.

Richard Madden as Ikaris

Richard Madden as Ikaris

When the Eternals realized what he’d done, Ikaris flew into the sun and, it would seem, sacrificed himself. Some hints may show that Madden’s story in the MCU is far from finished.

Richard Madden Can Appear On The Big Screen Once Again

As The Cosmic Circus has brought to attention, a TikTok video revealed that the MCU has planned for Ikaris’ return soon. The film’s stunt actor Joe Kennard’s sister, Emmy Kennard, has recently posted a video of herself with the caption “When your brother is a stunt double and his next job is a character coming back into the MCU.” This is substantial evidence that points towards Richard Madden’s return as Ikaris.

Ikaris Tick Tok

How Will The Return Take Place?

Technically, Eternals are not humans; they are celestial beings who cannot really die of natural causes. Although they aren’t immortal either, as shown by the deaths of Ajak and Gilgamesh. With Ikaris’ death playing such a crucial role in how the movie ended, this takes a different turn.

This subject springs up two new mysteries. In which project will Ikaris return, and what side will he choose?


Celestials, the creators of Eternals, can bring Ikaris back and send him to earth, as the rest of the Eternals are living their lives on this planet. Furthermore, adding an Eternal as strong as Ikaris to the mix would change the game for future episodes as well, considering Harry Styles’ Eros during the mid-credits scene.

Richard Madden will return wherever and whenever Marvel decides, so fans can expect a storyline full of battles, adventurous feats, climaxes, and firepower.

Eternals is now streaming on Disney+.


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